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Behind the Games: Economy Tester, Miriam Khalaf

One incredibly important role within Gameloft is that of the Economy Testers. These talented members of the team methodically and systematically play all of our games before they reach your hands, ensuring that the game you experience is the best possible. Gameloft Barcelona - the studio behind many of our top titles including Asphalt 8…
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Happy New Year from Gameloft Central

Happy 2018 to you all! Gameloft Central has been here for one year now, and has witnessed an incredible 12 months of gaming from Gameloft. Fantastic new games and updates to your favorite franchises have ensured that we have had something for every mobile gamer! A trend that is set to continue into the New…
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Gameloft’s got lots of Happy Holiday updates

It’s the end of the year, so lots of Gameloft games are preparing you some happy holiday content with their latest updates! From Asphalt to War Planet Online, you can be sure all of our amazing games will be getting into the spirit of the season. Below you check out exactly what you can enjoy…
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