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Which Brigade will Blitz the Super Bowl?

It’s Super Bowl 51 this weekend, and we are pumped to see the Falcons and Patriots clash. Looking at the two team’s stats it’s clear to see this is going to be the classic pairing of a fast offense versus a powerful defense. Which got me to thinking about Gameloft’s class based shooter, Blitz Brigade.…
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Enjoy some Blitz Brigade Instagram-ing

You may not have visited Blitz Brigade’s Instagram channel recently but it has been doing something wonderful. Along with frequent pictures to let you know about new equipment and other update features, it has also been tiling together huge mosaics. Greater than the sum of its parts Heading over to the Instagram page of Blitz…
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Jump into this light-hearted, fast-paced FPS

Blitz Brigade is the perfect online game for anyone looking for light-hearted, multiplayer action. Gameloft’s colorful, free-to-play first-person shooter is an absolute blast, and stuffed full of fast-paced gameplay that anyone can enjoy. Pick a side (and a class) Blitz Brigade is a full featured, team-based FPS. Take to the battlefield as a member of…
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