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Hello, and welcome to the first ever post of Gameloft Central - your number one source for all things Gameloft.

And I do mean all things. We are going to explore everything from our earliest titles like DJ Nights, through Massive Snowboarding, and onto franchises like Asphalt that remain popular to this day – the goal is to be your destination for everything Gameloft.

What's the plan?

We plan to collate Gameloft news from around the web. You can expect information on updates, events, and offers. If there is an update to one of your favorite Gameloft games we will have all the info on how it will improve your experience.

We are also going to be the spot to get all the latest on our upcoming titles - just like those in the video below! The plan is to start pestering development teams for in-depth information the moment this post goes live.

Fresh content

Of course, we also plan to have plenty of original and unique content. We shall have videos and retrospectives that focus on our old games - anyone up for some Midnight Bowling? There will be news on our esports, including match reports from the Modern Combat 5 tournaments with the ESL. Plus, expect to see previously unseen assets, developer interviews, articles, and videos of us struggling to master games like Order and Chaos 2.

Finally, there will be lots of space for all you Gameloft fans to get involved. Competitions, quizzes, play dates, prizes, and whatever else you would like to see on the site - because we are all just fans who want to enjoy mobile games together.

So, let us know in the comments what you hope to see from us. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing you the best from the teams here at Gameloft.

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