Gameloft’s got lots of Happy Holiday updates


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It’s the end of the year, so lots of Gameloft games are preparing you some happy holiday content with their latest updates! From Asphalt to War Planet Online, you can be sure all of our amazing games will be getting into the spirit of the season. Below you check out exactly what you can enjoy in each of your favorite games this month and beyond.

Happy holidays!

Minion Rush (iOS, Android, Windows)

Minion Rush is going all out for the holidays with a festive new update! Are you ready to unwrap the fun? Join the new holiday-themed Special Mission and make the season merrier for the Minions.

Paddington Run (Android, iOS, Windows)

Paddington Run is ready for the holidays! Your favorite bear must now run through a seasonally snowy London - covered in festive decorations - in the latest update.

To keep Paddington warm he has some new costumes and boots to wear. Jump into an Elf outfit or don Santa’s red cloths and shiny boots to really turn some heads! Running through town you can also pick up holiday collectibles - including Candy Canes and Mystery Presents - or pop into the Christmas store to pick up amazing presents and prizes.

Finally, enjoy a festive mini-game as you take Santa’s Sleigh for a spin over the streets of London!

My Little Pony: Magic Princess  (Android, iOS, Windows)

"Lyra & Bon Bon Save Hearth's Warming Eve: Dr. Whooves has opened a portal to the past, to observe the Hearth's Warming Eve legend. But things went awry and he accidentally released the Windigos! Only Bon Bon and Lyra can come to the rescue and send back the Windigos before they ruin the holidays for everypony!"

Check in throughout the holiday period to take part in this seasonal story.

Asphalt Xtreme (iOS, Android, Windows)

Fancy some filthy off-road holiday fun? Asphalt Xtreme has you covered for some dirty seasonal celebration! There are a selection of Time Limited events running over Xmas and New Year’s Eve - each resplendent with seasonal gifts! These dates will also see special themed boxes - so login to pick up these rewards.


You can also pick up discounts on in-game purchases and a special bundle put together to help you get in the holiday spirit. During this period new cars will also be made available, including the release of the Chevrolet Silverado Centennial Edition via DLC on December 13th.

Asphalt 8 (iOS, Android, Windows)

Prepare for the holidays at full speed with Asphalt 8: Airborne. To celebrate the end of 2017 and the coming of 2018 of the year, the team is offering you the best deals of the year and the opportunity to earn rewards for your engagement.

One of these amazing rewards will net you the Sin R1, just for logging in for every day of the “Holiday Rush” event during the season during December. You can also play the “Christmas Cup” to get a guaranteed Ferrari 612! Plus there are special New Year and Holiday Time-Limited Events to enjoy.

Finally, be sure to check the store regularly for amazing offers throughout the holidays! Click here for more information on this huge Asphalt 8 update.

Gangstar Vegas (Android, iOS)

Kicking off the season with a bang, this Gangstar Vegas’ festive update is packed with frosty firepower. There are four new weapons designed to help you make merry murder throughout the holidays. From the Frostbitten Buckshot (which freezes and shatters your foes) to the Gingerbread Cutter (the sweetest shooter), these will help you ring those slay bells.

You can also pull on a special outfit to wear to all those New Year parties you’ll be going to. Pull on the Abominable Nightmare become a stylish Yeti around town.

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption (iOS, Android, Windows)

Haradon’s celebrating the Holidays with a World Event in Order & Chaos 2, the Winter Nostice, starting December 12th. This Event brings with it a whole sack of new content to enjoy. These include Tournaments such as the Nostice Nights and Having a Snowball of a Time to get you in the festive mood. Plus there is a special Nostice solo dungeon to delve into, The Evergreen Treant.

While all of these events might be considered enough of a gift, these Nostice celebrations also provide some themed-gifts for the season such as special holiday fashion, pets and pet skins.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing (iOS, Android, Windows)

If you like to keep your cars tuned up, clean, and ready to hit top speed during this holiday period (and the rest of the year) then it’s Asphalt Street Storm Racing you are after. Gameloft’s drag-racing title is offering a multiple bonuses this festive season for the whole community.

Come together with other Street Storm players buying Christmas Bags to fill the Community Meter to unlock rewards for all. This comes along with amazing 60% off deals on all in-game purchases, increased drop rates in Gold and Silver Crates, and an incredible Xmas Crate. During this period you can also dive into the High Roller Event, where you can unlock huge rewards by spending Diamonds.

Enjoy all of this while speeding down Santa’s very own dragstrip and showing off your Xmas Decals and Nos.

Modern Combat Versus (iOS, Android, Windows)

Modern Combat Versus is bringing the festive cheer with a very special Jingle Blaze Skin for everyone’s favorite pyromaniac!

Now available in MCVS, this seasonal Skin gets Blaze ready for the holiday season! But this won’t be the only skin available in game over this period as bundles will feature a variety of fan-favorite Agents and Skins - such as the Nightmarish Christmas pack that comes with Kult and Blaze accompanied by the Nightmare Kult + Jingle Blaze skin.

There will also be sales running throughout this period in the in-game store. Check in regularly to be sure you don’t miss out!

War Planet Online (iOS, Android, Windows)

Gameloft's real-time strategy title, War Planet Online, is also getting in on the wintry fun. A special Snowman power relay skin is available to show off in your base, the perfect way to lift your troops' spirits and prove you are filled with holiday joy.

Commander Trasher also has a seasonal set on offer. Gain this Winter Set to freeze your enemies with fear - the perfect way to get an edge over any attacker.

March of Empires (iOS, Android, Windows)

March of Empires is more than ready to celebrate the season. Its events include a special Winter Calendar that runs from the 22nd of December to January 2nd. Login daily to be sure to get some amazing rewards.

That isn’t all though, there also is the Snowball Fun Event. This invites you to roll frozen white spheres at your enemies’ capitals to score points and earn gifts! Enter this right up until December 30th.

MoE’s holiday update also plays host to a Viking invasion - a suitably chilly foe - and an Arctic Keep skin for your city.

So, grab your Gameloft seasonal goodies and get playing all of these incredible games. To get even more Happy Holiday fun, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.