Behind the Games: Manga Specialist, Marta Salmons


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With such a variety of games in our catalog, Gameloft boasts an impressive array of artists from different disciplines. In the Gameloft Barcelona Studio, these creative individuals include Marta Salmons, our gifted Manga Specialist.


Part of the Marketing Team, her work sees her creating everything from concept images to promo art. After nearly three and a half years in the studio, this has seen her talents touch a broad range of titles including Asphalt 8, Dragon Mania Legends, City Mania, and other, as yet unreleased, titles.

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A lifetime creating

Talking to Marta, her love of manga is immediately apparent. “I actually come from a little town in the Spanish countryside. […] Painting and drawing is something I have always enjoyed, even when I was a young child. This lead to me wanting to publish my own manga, and so I moved to Barcelona to read Comic Studies at University. It seemed like the best starting point.”


While Marta still wants to publish her own creations, that doesn’t make the game industry second choice. “It was a dream I never thought would happen,” she begins, a new enthusiasm in her voice. I love playing games, especially RPGs and Action RPGs because of their deep characters and concepts.” It’s this overlap with comics that really draws her to these genres, “With their interactive elements, games really sit on a different level.”

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Profession and passion

Moving into the industry, her main drive was character design. Now, however, with a focus on more general design and marketing, this is not what she spends the majority of her day doing. “It’s true that this isn’t what takes up most of my time, but I still do some. Plus, I get to practice many other design skills within the industry. This diversity ensures I am always learning!”


“The other thing is, my character design work is always complimentary,” Marta continues, cheerfully. “I still do comic art and illustrations in my free time, while my work at Gameloft gives me the opportunity to try new things. Best of all, I get to test it all on our incredible audience.”