Behind the Games: 2D Artist, Ruth Martinez


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For some of our talent, a job in the games industry was always their focus. However, others arrived in Gameloft because of its creative atmosphere, believing it would be the best place for them to hone and perfect their skills. Ruth Martinez is one of this latter group. Her skill as a 2D Artist, along with her desire to expand her abilities and collaborate, made her a perfect addition to the Barcelona team.

Art lovers

From the outset, Ruth is not shy about outlining her interests. “From a young age, I always loved art. This passion never disappeared, so after high-school, I decided to study it at college here in Barcelona.”


As a 2D Artist and Designer now, I wondered what she had studied specifically. “Well, when I studied, my options were limited, so I studied Graphic Design.” This seemed quite different to me, but she went on, “I still loved drawing, and as part of the course I did life art classes. Then, in my free time, I continued to practice other disciplines like Illustration.”

Ruth’s path to Gameloft was less laser focused than some I have spoken too. "My first job after art specialization college was in Web Design and Flash Animation". During this time she built sites while also continuing to work on her development and art skills.

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Examples of Ruth's personal work with Norma Editorial.

More opportunities to learn

“My next job was designing and animating video slot machines in Casinos, that I created using Photoshop & Flash.” She continues on, matter-of-factly. “Then, in 2011, I saw this [Gameloft] job and it looked like it would challenge me and offer a lot of opportunities to learn.”

Ruth’s passion was always her art, and Gameloft offered her plenty of room to grow and expand her skills. “I enjoy playing mostly RPG and Puzzle games, so I knew the company already. It was exciting to think of the possibilities of working in the company would hold.”


Beginning at Gameloft, one of the first titles Ruth was involved with was Green Farm, but since then she has worked on projects ranging from Battle Odyssey to Minion Rush. “Over my time here I have been constantly learning, and improving my skills in my free time. Each new project requires different styles and skills. Plus, I do a bit of everything, concept art, illustration, promotion work, UI design…”

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But, for Ruth, the best part of this process is collaboration with other like-minded talents within Gameloft. "There are a lot of incredible artists here that I am able to work with. Anytime I struggle, there is always someone I can turn to in order to share skills and ideas. And vice versa, of course."