Everything about Blitz Brigade in one minute

Blitz Brigade

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Wrapping up everything there is to know about anyone of Gameloft's fantastic games in one minute can be tough. But, as our Asphalt 8: Airborne video proves, we enjoy a challenge. So, here is everything you need to know about Blitz Brigade in 60 seconds!

Want a fun team-based mobile FPS? Then you need Gameloft’s colorful Blitz Brigade. This shooter is a blast, and stuffed full of fast-paced action.

Top of class

You enter the battlefield as a member of Allies or Axis, then choose from one of seven classes.

For all-rounders there’s the Soldier, while those wanting to deal huge damage have the explosive Demolisher or heavy weapon Gunner. People whose talents lie in precision have the Sniper to pick off foes at distance. Or, if you’re more cloak-and-dagger, then the assassin-like Stealth class gets you up close and personal. Finally, support players have the healing hands of the Medic, or the turret toting Engineer.

Blitz Brigade's cartoon style does more than look great. Its offers clear silhouettes that enable you to distinguish far off targets. Perfect for threat assessment.

Choose your weapon

Each class has its own weapons to unlock and upgrade. Find which work for you and tune it to perfection - be it a super sniper rifle or a massive machine gun.


Blitz Brigade's classes also have Ultra Abilities. Once charged these heighten characters' natural talents - like the Sniper's ability to see and shoot through walls.

Four game modes including capture the flag and dominion, six diverse maps that allow for multiple tactics across their different terrains and buildings, and 6-on-6 action, all combine to make Blitz Brigade the ideal squad-based shooter.

Join the action by downloading Blitz Brigade today on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, keep up on all of the game's latest news on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.