Check out Blitz Brigade’s massive new arsenal

Blitz Brigade

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Is your arsenal feeling antique? Are your weapons warn out? Then you need Blitz Brigade's update 18, which brings with it an armory full of new artillery.

There are a range of fancy rifles being added to Gameloft’s squad-based FPS, Blitz Brigade, in its latest update. The Gunner, Sniper, and Engineer all get their own unique ordinance, while every class gets to benefit from Unified Weapons. Update 18 also comes packing balance and gameplay improvements.


For the specialists

Big Bertha is exactly what the big guy wants – a huge gun. This beautiful cannon lets the Gunner launch grenades at his unfortunate foes. Coming in two flavors, both version of this cannon look superb. This is particularly true of the gold encrusted Premium version that looks like it has been ripped straight off a pirate ship.


A throwback rifle that offers the Sniper some serious style, the Minuteman Musket is a classic. Every shot is lethal. Keep in mind that after every shot you will want to move to ensure you have time to safely reload - but for perfectionist who can commit to a one-shot-one-kill strategy, there is nothing better. The gold Premium variant is particularly stylish.

The Engineer gets the Gatekeeper Turret, a durable automated weapon with devastating areal damage, high durability, and its own special skill. Plus you get to deploy two of these! In truth, the only down side is that the turrets can take a while to reload, leaving them prone.

More sneak-peeks from the upcoming update! This time it's all about turrets, engineers best friends!

One size fits all

This update also brings with it Unified Weapons that can be used by all classes. First there is the Fist of Freedom Special weapon. It’s a wrist mounted Gatling gun that manages to balance vicious and chic. It also boasts surprisingly good stats.

Railspitter is the final addition to your gun rack. This weapon is unique, both in how it plays and its look. Designed to slow its targets, you have to work with your squad to develop tactics in order to get the most from this tool.


Both the Allied and the Axis forces get new unique hats for their side. The Allied Kepi offers a nice casual feel to the blues, while the aggressive horned Höllenfeuer is a perfect fit for the reds.

Finally, to round out this update, comes new decorations, HP increments per division, and weapon re-balancing to improve your overall play experience.

Download Blitz Brigade and update 18 for free now on iOS. Android players don't worry, you will be able to enjoy these new features in the next few weeks. Keep up with all the BB news on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.