Challenge Gameloft in our Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics stream this coming Monday

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

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We can't stop playing Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics! The entire office has been battling one another almost non-stop since launch. This coming Monday, we'll be going live with a Rival Tactics stream over on the Gameloft Facebook page with an epic overview of the game.

To battle!

We'll dive into a few battles, talk in-depth about the units, dish out some tips on how to get ahead in the game, and do a few crate openings too.

Watch the stream now!

Join in the fun with #RivalTactics. Download now on iOS, Android or Windows and join the 'GL Noobs'.

The action will commence from 4PM GMT on Monday, 22nd May, and we'll run the stream for around an hour or so.

Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics stream

Take up the challenge

All you have to do to take part is join the 'GL NOOBS' Faction. I'll be issuing Challenges throughout the stream, and you can come test your skills against mine. I'll be honest, you'll probably win!


We'll be giving away Large Crates for the first five Challengers in the stream itself, so keep an eye out for our Faction announcement on Monday, and come ready to play!

See you then!