Which Brigade will Blitz the Super Bowl?

Blitz Brigade

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It’s Super Bowl 51 this weekend, and we are pumped to see the Falcons and Patriots clash. Looking at the two team’s stats it’s clear to see this is going to be the classic pairing of a fast offense versus a powerful defense. Which got me to thinking about Gameloft’s class based shooter, Blitz Brigade.

In this year’s Super Bowl we can expect to see the red Falcons pushing against the solid blue wall of the Patriots. But who do you think could win between an aggressive team and a defensive team of Blitz Brigaders? Read on to see how the teams breakdown.

The Raging Reds

Sniper: Not usually the first pick for an offensive line, but here he makes perfect sense. Sitting behind the rest of his squad, the Sniper can play as both the quarterback and the kicker ensuring the football is always exactly where it needs to be. If he does have to defend, then this class can easily pick-off runners that breakaway.


Stealth: If the Sniper can put the pigskin where it needs to be, imagine how dangerous he is in combination with a guy who can be anywhere without being seen. Slipping past everyone unnoticed and unchallenged, this speedy chap can only be spotted once he has the ball. Even if he can’t make a touchdown, he can gain plenty of extra yards. His hand to hand combat skills are also great for defense.

Demolisher: Need to blow a hole through the opposition’s defensive line? Look no further than the Demolisher, your big-boom specialist. Invaluable when you need to clear a hole in the defensive line, he can make sure your runners have a clear path to their target. He is also explosive off the line when he is required to attack.

The Blocking Blues

Soldier: A good all-rounder, he can play everywhere and move quickly. But his ability to quickly capture a target makes him ideal for sacking the opposition quarterback and picking up fumbles. He’s solid on attack too, and his natural leadership abilities make him the ideal cement for your defensive line.


Gunner: The Gunner is a huge and powerful character.  Providing a strong backbone to your defense, his huge build - and huge gun – make him perfect for holding the line and pushing back any offense. He’s also really good at stopping the defending team from blitzing the quarterback when on the attack.

Medic: Defense is a punishing roll, with everyone constantly taking hits. The medic negates this disadvantage, keeping the whole team fresh and ready to take their licks while at the same time wearing down the opposition. With any luck, when it’s their turn to attack, the Reds will be so exhausted that they can just walk it over the line.

And their chances?

Personally, I feel it may go to the Red team. How they work together certainly sets up some vicious combos. That said, if the Blues can keep them locked down, the Medic may tip the balance in the second half.


One wild card is the newest class to join the Blitz Brigade roster, the Engineer. With her ability to deploy turrets, she is easily able to cover every corner of the field. This could help both the Red and Blue teams - so they will probably both be hoping to get her in the BB Draft this April.

Let us know in the comments who you think will win and why. Plus, we'd love to know what game you will be playing between plays during Super Bowl 51. Don’t forget you can download Blitz Brigade for free on Android, iOS, and Windows.