Blitz Brigade employs some new Tactics

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

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Gameloft’s comic military forces are about to spring into action once again in Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. This time you will not be taking control of a single soldier for FPS action, instead this spin-off has you in control of a whole miniature military for an intense real-time strategy game.

One vs One combat

Get ready for some fast-paced, real-time, tactical-action in the latest installment of Blitz Brigade. This new strategy game has you play the role of General. Lead your troops to victory against human foes in this one-on-one PvP battle arena.


First you must select an 8-unit squad from a roster of dozens of heroes, vehicles, and power-ups. Alongside new military assets, loads of iconic Blitz Brigade heroes are joining the fight - collect and add them to your team.

From the lethal Satoru Hokama to the immaculately turned out Duncan McCracken, BBRT boasts a huge roster. With every weapon and character brilliantly reimagined in a squat cartoon style, the action has some real flare.


With so many different units to choose from the tactical combinations are immense. Because of this you must be prepared to test units and their interactions with each other to develop unique strategies to surprise your rivals. Perhaps you'll side with a light and agile infantry, load-up on devastating heavy armor, or select long-range weapons like rockets and artillery to bombard your opponents.

Enter the arena

Now, with your troops and arsenal selected, you are ready to attack. Sit back and patiently wait out your enemy as they burn through energy or mount a sustained assault on their defenses - pick your tactics with care.


Central Command is also on hand to reward your victories by delivering Crates. From these you can collect Coins and assets to further improve your squad and expand your strategic options.

Build your army

You don’t have to fight alone. Join Factions and collaborate in these communities to donate and request assets. Work together to improve more quickly and create alliances that may help in the future...

Show off your strategies and smash your opposition now by downloading Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics for Android, iOS, and Windows. For more Intel on the game, be sure to follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.