Take the FPS action anywhere with Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade

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Blitz Brigade is becoming more mobile than ever with its latest update. Adding 3G and LTE support, you can battle the Axis and Allies wherever you go. Plus your fights are going to grow in excitement thanks to all of the other improvements and additions.

Play anywhere

Blitz Brigade’s brand of fast paced mobile FPS action has always allowed you to play on the move. However, until update 19, you have always had to jump from one Wi-Fi hotspot to the next. Not any more, as this team-based multiplayer shooter gets truly mobile. You can now play on the go over 3G and LTE mobile connections, so you have no excuse to ever stop the fight.

Even more weapons


But what good would an update be without a gun locker full of new weapons? And if we are talking guns, it's hard not to start with the Great Smile. This massive cannon is designed for the Gunner and the Demolisher - but what sets it apart is that it looks like a massive shark. Gawping down the maw of this huge ordnance is enough to make anyone think they'll need a bigger boat (to hide behind).

Also joining this distinctive devastator, comes the Stallion Steel melee weapon. Prepare to relive horseback warfare! Ride a hobbyhorse in to the foray with one hand while attacking foes with a cavalry saber raised above your head.

Update 19 brings a slew of other weapons. There's the Drum Gun laying down some beats. The powerful but tiny Hornet packs a real sting. Then we have the Browning inspired machine gun Rabid Fire. And finally the new First Aid gauntlet for Medics.


A better quality of life

Blitz Brigade’s newest fighter, the Engineer, has received an extended inventory. This allows her to carry two different turrets - providing increased tactical variety.

Finally, update 19 has a number of quality of life improvements. These include new gifts and U.I. tweaks to make navigation smoother.

Blitz Brigade needs you! So grab update 19 today, for free, on iOS, Android, and Windows. To keep up with everything BB related, follow it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.