Blitz Brigade spins you right round baby

Blitz Brigade

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Whatever class you play in Gameloft’s squad-based multiplayer FPS, Blitz Brigade, update 21 has something for you! From its streamlined menus and interface to improved friends and squad options, you'll be getting into the action quicker than ever. But the real headline is the six new guns - get ready for some high-caliber action!

Six shooters (well, five and a spinner)

Let's be honest, you're really here for the guns - and the Blitz Brigade team do not disappoint. With six weapons to add to your collection, there is something for everyone. That’s right, from Medics to Assassins, no class gets left behind.

The item we are most excited for here at Central is the Gutblender. The rapid rotation of these blades can quickly slice and dice any opponent down to size. It’s also really good at focusing the mind and limiting nervous tension… Don’t fidget with it too much though, because this spinner can take off your finger.

Another interesting addition is that of the Curing Cannon. While it may not offer the kinetic fun of the Gutblender, this new turret alters the Engineer’s role on the field. Already a support class, this gun will allow this versatile fighter to heal her squad. Keep your team in the action longer by setting up these cannons, while continuing to fight with your own gun in hand.

Other new guns include the Cyanide Special, the Purple craze, the Sniper’s Deadeye Three, and the Regal Wrecker for Demolishers and Gunners. Choose your weapon and enter the battlefield. Tell us which one you are excited to add to your gun-cabinet in the poll below!


Update 21 of Blitz Brigade also gives the game's menus a facelift. Streamlining the UI to make it easier to navigate the main menu, you can now get from the first screen into the action more smoothly than ever.

The team has also made improvements to Friend, Division, and Squad menus. Find your friends faster, follow your Division performance from your profile menu, and design your squad banners to ensure you're flying your team colors with pride.

Get ready to take Blitz Brigade for another spin! Download Blitz Brigade and update 21 today on iOS. The Android version is on its way soon.

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