Blitz Brigade community milestone giveaway

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It’s giveaway time in Blitz Brigade! We have prepared amazing prizes that we will be delivering to EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in the game.

How, I hear you ask? Well that’s easy! By you’ll find some simple instructions on how to participate. It only takes a few simple steps. Just scroll down to find out!


In short...

Log into GLEAM (the widget below) using either your email or Facebook ID.

Perform one or multiple actions to add points to the GLOBAL SCORE

Each time the GLOBAL SCORE reaches a milestone, that prize will be unlocked for EVERY Blitz Brigade player!

Share it with other players! The more participate, higher is the chances of unlocking the ultimate prize.

Find the long explanation scroll down below the GLEAM widget.

Blitz Brigade Community Milestone Giveaway

The long version

What’s a milestone event? Well, milestone event is a contest where every single Blitz Brigade player will receive a prize (or prizes) IF those who participate in it can reach the score (or the scores) required to unlock it (them)!

Even if you don’t participate in the event yourself, but other players that do manage to reach the milestone, then you’ll also receive the reward. Of course the better the prize is, the more points are required to unlock it!

Since the number of actions available for each individual player is limited, you must unite your strength to get the best rewards! The more of you participate, the higher chance EVERYONE has of unlocking the ultimate prize.


How it works?

We’ve created 5 milestones, each one unlocks 5 different prizes and promos. Each prize is tied to a specific milestone, and will be bestowed on every player if the community manages to reach the required number of points by performing enough actions on GLEAM.

Each action will add a certain number of points to the GLOBAL SCORE. Participants can perform multiple actions (though only a limited number of each) to add more points to the total in order to reach milestones faster.

Once the contest ends, on February 13/02/18 at 00:00 CET, we will grant everyone in the game all the prizes unlocked by the community effort based on the total score reached.

Take part in this event, share it among your pals and fellow players, and unlock prizes for everyone!