Blitz Brigade 24th supply drop delivers exciting guns!

Blitz Brigade

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Soldier, load up your gun coz it’s time for some fun in Blitz Brigade’s 24th update. Prepare for HQ’s latest resupply. Head over to the Quartermaster to check out all the latest guns. Or, if none of them meet your needs, then get ready or a new daily resupply crate which comes stuffed with consumables to give you the edge.

So pull up those socks, get your boots gleaming, and prepare for action on the battlefield.

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Update 24 of Gameloft’s mobile FPS Blitz Brigade comes packed with a stack of fresh weapons to enjoy. But remember, a weapon is a very personal thing. You need to know what you are looking for in any given situation – which is why we are here to help.

Latest guns = more funs

First up is for those of you who would rather heal than hurt, the Medi-Bow. All of you medics are going to want to take a good look at this. It is a primary weapon that is slow to fire, but its silent shots can kill enemies and cure squaddies. Perfect for every situation.

latest guns medi-bow

Another class specific weapon is the Weeping Widow. Designed for Snipers, this long range rifle is able to take out foes before they can even see you – providing you have the skill to use it. It deals huge damage, so while its rate of fire is quite slow, its large clip size more than makes up for this.

The other explosive additions are all unified weapons and offer a mix of attributes to suit different combat scenarios. The new SMG, Lead Belly, sprays out ammo at an unbelievable rate. This ensures that even if your target survives they’ll struggle to move from the metal you have filled them with.

Needs something with a little more impact? Then you can try the Waster. Halving the rate of fire, but more than doubling the damage of each shot. Or, if you really want to blow your enemies away, there is the Gatorjaw. This cannon makes short work of anyone that is stupid enough to stand in front of its explosive maw.


Each of these five weapons comes in both standard and premium styles, offering even more variety for the discerning fighter.

Resupply, reinforce

Along with the latest guns, Blitz Brigade’s update 24 also delivers crates. Purchasing these can get you a number of different consumable items, from vehicles to shield recharges. Best of all, one of these will drop for you free daily. You can shop or wait for them to drop!

Blitz Brigade needs you, so get it on the double! Soldier, download the game and update 24 today, for free, on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.