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Get Ahead of the Pack in the Asphalt Esports Series

The Asphalt Esports Series presented by BlackShark is putting racers to the test all around the world. With the first two qualifiers already over, it's time to get serious as the regional playoffs quickly approach. To keep the competition fierce and fair, all races straps everyone into the seat of the same Porsche and puts…
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Asphalt Esports Series Igniting the Competition

The latest and greatest in esports is shifting into the fast lane with the new Asphalt Esports Series, presented by Black Shark, the official gaming device of the competition. Starting on May 20th, everyone in participating countries* can enter the Asphalt Esports Series and start racing their way towards the €20,000 prize pool! The competition…
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Up For a PvP Challenge in the Arena?

After keeping the secret shrouded in mystery for a couple weeks, the new game mode in Sniper Fury is finally out: The Arena. The new mode changes the game with PvP action where 20 players can compete against each other in real time! No pause button. Just skill. [arve url="" align="center"/] The Path to PvP…
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The Villains of Dungeon Hunter 5 Are Taking Over!

The latest Dungeon Hunter 5 update flips the script to unveil the true face of evil. With the Unholy Alliance and the Crumbled Summoner's Citadel, the bad guys are taking a stand against the years of hunting they endured and they are now rising up to show the world who’s the boss. After all, who…
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Notre-Dame’s Hidden Templars

Seeing Notre-Dame in flames last week left many of us hurt. Seeing the majestic symbol of Paris still standing in the morning became a true source of inspiration. All the incredible passion that went into the cathedral’s creation continued to shine across the world. To pay respect to Notre-Dame and its presence in Iron Blade,…
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Dragons Really CARE about Charity

We're starting a new charity event with CARE here at Gameloft! CARE works around the globe to help those in need with projects focused on education, health, and economic empowerment. We wanted to help them in their fight against poverty, but we knew we couldn't do it without our players. That's why we're calling the…
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Are You Ready for April Fools’ Day?

You may have noticed some questionable additions or confusing changes, but considering the date that should be expected. To help you figure out if you got fooled or not, let’s take a look at all the pranks Gameloft pulled! Did You Get Fooled? As we jump into the fun and show off all the surprises…
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Need the New Legendary Lamborghini?

The thrill of racing fills every turn in Asphalt 9: Legends. Everyone loves the incredible feeling of driving super sports cars like the Terzo Millennio and putting them to the test of speed. But what could be cooler than taking the Legendary Trip and driving the Terzo Millennio IRL? [arve url="" align="center"/] Combining Two Worlds…
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Friends from the Multiverse

The never-ending action raging before our very eyes may seem to divide us in the midst of a battle, but the pixels filled with competition and glory often also bring us together. The hours spent fighting through dungeons and defeating epic bosses have more prizes than all the loot. Defending the Multiverse together also leads…
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