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Register for the Asphalt Esports Series 2020 Today!

Ready your engines, racers. The Asphalt Esports Series 2020 has arrived in Asphalt 9: Legends! Starting today, players from around the world will be able to participate in our newest esports competition for a chance to win a part of the €10,000 prize pool! Last year's Asphalt Esports Series was open for only select countries,…
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Humans Behind the Game: Thu Dang

Today, we're talking to Thu Dang, the manager of our Global Web Marketing team in Saigon. Thu is a marketing pro who has worked in various industries but there's a special something about being part of the gaming ecosystem. She "[loves] learning different things about a game's life cycle and the marketing strategies behind successful…
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Humans Behind the Game: Hannah Crosby

Hannah Crosby is a 3D Artist at Gameloft Brisbane, and she’s been honing her skills since she was only 19 years old! As a multidisciplinary artist who has experience in the video game and film industries, Hannah knows her stuff and had some great advice for women who want to get into the industry. Times…
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Humans Behind the Game: Jhaeyelle de Dios

We're pleased to introduce Jhaeyelle de Dios, Lead UI/UX Designer at Gameloft Saigon! Jhaeyelle has been with us for almost 3 years and has worked her design magic with our teams in the Philippines and Vietnam. Find out more about her job and the perks of our Saigon studio below! Hi, Jhaeyelle! Tell us about…
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Humans Behind the Game: Camille Houssais

Say hello to Camille Houssais, the mastermind behind the Game Lab, Gameloft's Research and Development department. Camille has been with us for more than 6 years now, and has worked all over the world and in different positions and studios. Find out more about the Game Lab and what qualities he looks for when interviewing…
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Humans Behind the Game: Raluca Grigorovici

This week, we'd like to introduce Raluca Grigorovici, Product Marketing Manager at Gameloft Cluj. Raluca has been with us for 3 years now and originally started out as a game community manager, meaning whether it comes to managing communities or product marketing, she knows how to do it all. Find out more about her and…
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Humans Behind the Game: Shaun St-Laurent

Today we are talking to Shaun St-Laurent, Influencer Marketing Manager at Gameloft Montreal. Our ex-professional Call of Duty player and esports fan knows a thing or two about creators, and he shared his knowledge with Restream on an episode of Friday Lives. Check out the interview, and learn more about Shaun and influencers below! [arve…
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Looking Back at Iron Blade

Iron Blade, Gameloft’s first dark medieval fantasy RPG, was released worldwide on May 24, 2017. Made in Cluj and inspired by Romanian history and geography, the 60-person strong team aspired to create the biggest medieval open world game on mobile at the time. It was huge challenge and a project unlike any other, using techniques…
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A Timeline of Gameloft in Paris

Over the past 20 years Gameloft Paris has changed its address 3 times. Each move marked an important step in the company’s history and has been a reflection of Gameloft’s overall growth and evolution of the gaming industry. It’s often way easy to get caught up in what’s happening next quarter, but the goal of…
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