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Join Dungeon Hunter 5’s fantasy world

Jump into Dungeon Hunter 5's fantasy word to enjoy some fast-paced, RPG action. Expect loot grabbing, magic casting, and hack-n-slashin' in this classic dungeon crawler. A chaotic fantasy world Dungeon Hunter 5’s story picks up after the events of Dungeon Hunter 4. It's a familiar tale: a kingdom in disarray, mages dabbling in dark arts,…
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Welcome to the zombie apocalypse

When Zombie Anarchy shambled on to app stores I confess it took me a little off guard. Perhaps this is because no one expects the apocalypse, or maybe it is because of how perfectly the game blends strategy and action in one free-to-play package. Build to survive Zombie Anarchy's strategy elements have you manage a…
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Gameloft Customer Care is here to help

When all you want to do is play your favorite Gameloft game, a technical problem can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, if you are having issues with any of our titles, then we do have a number of ways for you to get help. Lots of Gameloft Customer Care solutions First, if your problem is connection…
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A home for the Gameloft community

Hello, and welcome to the first ever post of Gameloft Central - your number one source for all things Gameloft. And I do mean all things. We are going to explore everything from our earliest titles like DJ Nights, through Massive Snowboarding, and onto franchises like Asphalt that remain popular to this day – the…
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