Three Asphalt games you need to be playing


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Gameloft’s flagship speedy-race-car franchise offers intense, high-octane action. But, just because you are playing one Asphalt title, doesn’t mean you are experiencing everything this series has to offer. No, there are wide variety of different race disciplines for you to master – so here are three Asphalt games need to be playing!

(Asphalt 8: Airborne | Asphalt Xtreme | Asphalt Street Storm Racing)

Asphalt 8: Airborne

As the first game to have been released, Asphalt 8: Airborne is the Granddaddy of this list. But since its launch this game has continued to improve and expand, growing to include more features, vehicles, customization options, and tracks.

In Airborne you are going to take more than 200 iconic vehicles around tracks located on some of the most famous cities and breathtaking vistas on the planet. There are more than 15 locations around the world to speed around, from Area 51 to the Great Wall of China. And these are divided into more than 40 different incredible high-speed tracks - each littered with straights to turbo down, corners to drift around, and jumps to pull of stunts from.


This is complimented by five fantastic game modes that keep changing up the challenge. And that before you even consider racing others in the multiplayer and Time-Limited events to rack up amazing rewards.

It doesn’t stop there though, as a recent updates even added motorbikes to the game. These machines are a completely different beast to their 4 wheeled brothers. Able to do different stunts these speed-demons can give you the edge… but their speed is offset by their fragility as cars are easily able to knock them off course.

The combined effect of this is that this is one racing game that began as stunning, but is now exceptional.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme keeps the series classic gameplay but takes it off-road. Yes, you still find yourself speeding through famous locations such as the deserts of Egypt and Norwegian tundra, but kiss those roads good bye. Climb mountains, race through rivers, and skid through mud as Xtreme pits you against nature and other racers.

Being off-road is not the only Xtreme change to the Asphalt formula. Rather than stock road cars, these racing machines come in seven varieties specialized to tackle the dirt. However, each racer tackles the challenge these over-the-top tracks differently.


At one end there are the buggies. These are lightweight, allowing them to skip over bumps in the road and skim over water with ease. However, players who side with a smaller vehicle will have to look out for the bigger machines. More metal, equals more muscle, and when a truck rolls through, they can just as easily roll you. These larger machines are also able to create new paths through the world.

It's a new dynamic that gives Asphalt Xtreme a completely different feel to its street based brethren. Plus, with 400 career events and 500 mastery challenges there is a whole lot of action to enjoy.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

If drifting around corners and catching massive air isn't your thing, then Asphalt Street Storm Racing has you covered. The latest installment in the Asphalt pantheon focuses on just ¼ or ½ mile of track with its drag-racing action.

Get to the finish line faster than your real world opponents to win rewards in-game. Make your bets before the race starts to set the stakes. You can even wager pink slips. Once you know what you're racing for, it’s time to wait for the flag to drop, slam the pedal to the metal and rocket towards your goal.


It may sound simple, but there are many factors at play if you hope to take the checkered flag. Rolling starts mean precision timing if you hope to gain those valuable fractions of a second.

As you speed down the track you have to choose precisely when to shift to ensure you don’t lose an inch of distance on your opponent. Judge the conditions - be they hot, raining, or snow covered - to perfectly shift every time to secure your prize.

Yes, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is a very different game to others on this list - but no less thrilling.

Download each of these games right now on Android, iOS, and Windows (Asphalt 8: Airborne | Asphalt Xtreme | Asphalt Street Storm Racing). Plus remember to like, share, and subscribe for even more great Gameloft videos.