Go beyond your limits a siXtreme update


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Asphalt Xtreme enters its sixth update on iOS and Android this week. Prepare to do battle on a frosty new Nepal track in one of three incredible speed-machines that are being added to the game’s off-road car showroom. But this is just the tip of the iceberg - new Mastery challenges, vehicle Rankings, Overclocking, and even more are being added to ensure that you’ll be playing this arcade racer all summer long.

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Wild off-road racing

Asphalt Xtreme’s newest track elevates the dirt filled action. Along with the mud and dust of the other tracks, prepare to get splattered with snow and ice as you climb the heights of Nepal.

Frosty peaks mark out this unique environment. Racing along the mountain tracks, you have to contend with the cold – along with all the challenges it brings – as you zoom past pagodas and take in the breath taking sites of this country.


Team X-treme

Three powerful new rides are also coming in update 6. Each of these lines up with a different class of racing machine. There is a muscle car, pick-up, and monster truck to add to your garage.

Which of these you will enjoy most depends on your play style. The Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 muscle car gives you the chance to overpower the mountain, using pure horse power to push your way to its peak.

Find out which class of Xtreme machine suits you.

The other two cars take a different approach. Rather than trying to jump or push past the off-road obstacles, they simply choose to step over them. The GMC SIERRA 2500HD is a powerful pick up. Its high ground clearance allows it to easily move over everything in its path, while also packing enough of a punch to bully its way past smaller cars.

Finally, there is the GMC Vandura. This special edition monster truck truly marks you as a member of The X-Tream. This iconic black and red GMC van has been jacked up onto huge tires, allowing it to crush rocks, ridges, and cars on its way to the checkered flag.

Put them all to the test on every Xtreme track – including Nepal – and in Mastery Challenges.


Fine tuning

There is also now more to do with the cars currently in your garage. Using a Rank Up Tool, you can now push the limits of your muddy speed machine still further beyond its intended redline to permanently increase its maximum stats. Then, in a race, you can go even further by Overclocking. Strain your engine with this limited time performance boost to make your vehicle truly beastly.

To unlock these abilities still faster, you can now subscribe to a monthly card. By purchasing this subscription you get Tokens every day, which you can then use to get Overclock and Rank-up Tools.

Jump into Asphalt Xtreme, and prepare to get muddy with its sixth update – available now on iOS and Android. For more information and news on Gameloft’s off-road arcade racer, follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.