Get too Xtreme with update 2

Asphalt Xtreme

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It is time to get muddy in Asphalt Xtreme with the game’s second update. Gameloft’s off-road racer has really opened up the throttle this time, and is churning up the track with six mind-blowing rides, a new season of challenges for each level, Seasonal Boxes, and other under-the-hood tune-ups.

Let’s get dirty

Asphalt Xtreme’s line up of cars has been growing ever since its rubber first hit the dirt. Update 2 only accelerates this trend, adding six new machines to its garage. These rides come from five of Xtreme’s seven car classes. It doesn’t matter if you like your cars big or small, there is something here to suit your needs.


With its tight controls, the Mini John Cooper Works rally-car is easily able to hug every corner on its way through the pack. Next up is the classic muscle of the Chevrolet Camaro. Thanks to horsepower alone, the machine can easily burn its way up the field.

In the SUV class there are two new high end machines to enjoy. These are the heavy duty Hummer HX and the Mercedes G 500. The fifth car is literally huge, the monstrous Mercedes Zetros - a powerful truck that can clear any smaller car from its path. Finally, there is one surprise car that will come to this fantastic racing game soon.

Join us as we take a look at five of the new cars in Update 2 for Asphalt Xtreme! Stick around for the chance to win a bunch of tokens live!

Truly filthy

To help you really get the most out of all of these new machines, Asphalt Xtreme’s latest update also adds new Masteries. Bringing a brand new Season to each challenge level, this makes sure that everyone from Rookie to Master is going to have a new trial to face on the trail.


Finally, to top things off there are the new Seasonal Boxes. These time-limited treats will bring you amazing new items. Add some general tweaks to Asphalt Xtreme’s look and performance, and you have a brilliant update to take us into spring.

Jump into the muddy fun today by grabbing Asphalt Xtreme on Android, iOS, and Windows. Update 2 is out now on iOS and Android, plus it will come to Microsoft platforms soon. For more information on the game, follow it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.