Enjoy the dirt with Asphalt Xtreme’s 4 new cars

Asphalt Xtreme

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Update 5 of Asphalt Xtreme delivers more Masteries and cars, plus an additional booster and a shady new Black Market. That’s right Gameloft’s off-road racer just continues to get more intense, crazy, and… what’s the word… ah yes, extreme.


Of course the highlight of any off-road driving game are the amazing machines you get to race in through mud, dirt, and dust. Asphalt Xtreme update 5 delivers on this in impressive style, with four new cars that take the total number of vehicles to over 50.

Racers who can’t be bothered with walls, obstacles, or other racers getting in their way will be happy to see the Chevrolet El Camino 1980 being added to the Xtreme showroom. Having had a gigantic upgrade since it last saw asphalt, this monster truck can dominate the track.


If you prefer a little more agility in your ride, then the Mini All4Racing X-Raid is available. Fast, and easily able to hang with the best dirt racers, this is the one car that you could also use to run to the shops. It probably gets the gas best mileage too.

Layering in more power is the 2017 Bass 770. This luxurious muscle car adds a little bit of class to your garage. Fast and sleek, this high-powered machine packs an innumerable number of horses in under its stylish hood.

But if you want some real class there is only one option for you, the Bentley Bentayga SUV. Bringing more than a little sophistication to Asphalt Xtreme garage this high-end vehicle is billed as the world’s fastest struck. It is also stunning.


Master your new ride

To make sure you know how to handle your new ride, Xtreme brings with it four new Masteries. In case you hadn’t worked it out, that’s one for each car. Take on these challenges to unlock new liveries for your dirt machines.

Adding even more ways to unlock and upgrade your machines, the latest update brings the Black Market to Asphalt Xtreme. Here you can buy specific blueprints and tools in exchange for credits or tokens. These help you get the car you want even faster. This shady showroom updates three times a day, so check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss these limited time offers.

blackmarketIf you are struggling with these – or any other events – then you can make use of some Boosters. These cards can be used before a race and give your car that little extra edge. Up until now there have been three of these, one that provides double credits, a nitro recharger which doubles the speed your nitro refills, and an extra tank to supply an extra chunk of Nitro to burn that little longer.

However, update 5 adds a new card for you to make use of, Boosted Wheels. This power-up lets you plow across any terrain like you are out for a quiet drive. Speed across gravel, water, and rock like it is nothing as you speed towards the checkered flag.

Hit the dirt and feel the speed in Asphalt Xtreme’s update 5 by downloading it now on Android and iOS. Plus you can follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.