Asphalt Street Storm Racing hits top speed

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

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Start your engines and feel them roar as you prepare for the fastest quarter or half mile of your life! Asphalt Street Storm Racing is bringing drag racing to Gameloft’s speedy race-car franchise. Visit tracks around some of the world's most famous cities as you explode towards the checkered flag. It’s high-speed, high-tension, and high-risk, as you race against up to three other racers online risking your credits and cars in wagers.

Start your engines!

In Asphalt Street Storm Racing’s fast races your goal is to pick the exact moment at which to change gear or fire off your NOS. From a rolling start, you must use taps of the screen to shift up. The onus is on you - time your taps perfectly to ensure you don’t lose a millimeter or a second on your sprint towards the line.


But don’t let these simple controls fool you, Street Storm is a game of depth and strategy. Taking to the street with up to three other players, you must match wits with drivers from around the globe. It is a test of your car, of your tactics, and of your knowledge of the condition which you’re racing.

Being able to race up to four players at once is a change for the drag racing genre. Instead of just having you compete head to head, Street Storm’s move to make the action four way shifts the focus and tension.


Keep calm, and stick to the strat

In traditional one-on-one events you can see where your opponent makes a mistake and loses time. This enables you to exploit any errors you see. But, having three other opponents, increases the strategy and planning required. Keep a cool head, as if one player makes an error that doesn’t mean it’s game over.

Don’t get sucked into your opponent’s tactics. Stick to your game plan, and execute it flawlessly if you want to win. But even as you become familiar with your machine, upgrading and tuning it to perfection, you must also be learning how to unleash its full power.


Drag racing come rain or shine

A range of different track conditions test your knowledge of your car and the event. With four weather types to master, you must learn how each impacts your strategy. Beginning your race from a rolling start, quickly judge what the new ¼ or ½ mile holds. Just be careful not to let the stress get to you - a false start can cost you the race.

While much of the time you will find yourself in normal, temperate conditions you must also adapt to extremes. In baking heat feel your torque slip, when it rains prepare for a drop in your NOS’s power, and blizzards reduce grip.

Luckily, with no energy system, you can race as regularly as you like. Experience every condition and test your car in all of them.


Put it all on the line

Once you think you are ready for the big leagues, it's time to put your money - and your car - where your mouth is. Race for in-game credits, tokens, or even Pink Slips. That's right, put your car on the line in the ultimate test of confidence and skill (or maybe hubris).

One thing that Asphalt Street Storm Racing does have in common with the rest of the Asphalt family is its dedication to its style and cars. Take control of licensed muscle cars, classic sports cars and supercars. Then tear through stunning 3D locations based on real cities from around the world.

Prepare for the biggest adrenaline rush Asphalt has offered yet, in Asphalt Street Storm Racing on iOS, Android, and Windows. Race now! You can also follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.