Asphalt Street Storm, the fastest 1/4 mile of your life

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

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The latest spin to be put on Gameloft’s acclaimed racing series sees the action focus on a quarter mile of tarmac. Asphalt Street Storm Racing dives into the high intensity world of drag racing. It’s on the start line now - so rev your engines, pre-register for the game, and wait for the green flag to drop.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is now available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Get your motor running and pre-register

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is ready to burst from the starting line. Its engine is roaring, primed and ready for its worldwide release - and we are pumping the gas to keep it growling.

This multiplayer drag racer is going to give you the chance to race with three other players online. These four-way head-to-head battles unfold incredibly quickly, with you controlling exactly when you shift gear as you speed down the quarter mile of track before you. Time your taps perfectly to shift-up while you’re in that sweet spot.

PRE-REGISTER NOW and gain exclusive rewards at launch.

Mixing things up further, Asphalt Street Storm Racing lets you race around the globe. Admire different glamorous cities as you race opponents for pink slips in rain, snow, and blinding sun.

To make sure you are ready to bury the needle the moment the rubber hits the road, the Asphalt Street Storm Racing team is giving you the chance to pre-register.

Pre-registering now on Asphalt Street Storm Racing's official site enables you to unlock incredible in-game rewards when the game is released worldwide. By registering on the site using Facebook you add 10 points to the community total, and another 5 for sharing. The more points we get the closer the speedometer is pushed towards the red, unlocking increasingly better rewards.

Get your rewards

First of these bonuses is an exclusive Race Decal. This unlocks at 200,000 points and lets you fly your colors as a proud early adopter. Give your car a look of speed that pushes it far past its stock car origins. Our second pre-registration reward (which unlocks at 400,000 points) is 25 Boosts - activate these during races to give you that burst of speed that can push you past the checkered flag in first. Perfect to catch opponents off-guard.


The third reward unlocks at 600,000 points. It is a whopping $25,000 of in-game currency to spend upgrading your car. Tune the engine and shocks to squeeze every tiny pony of horsepower out of your engine. Or spend it on paint, finishes, decals, and rims to turn heads and get the attention you deserve.

Finally, for just 800,000 points, we get a huge 250 Diamonds. This premium in-game currency is what you need when cash just won’t do. Use these to skip timers or get exclusive in-game items.

Prepare to race by pre-registering now, because Asphalt Street Storm Racing’s release date is coming soon. Follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.