Asphalt Memories – Asphalt 6: Adrenaline


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The Asphalt series was always supercharged. It was born of gasoline and steel, with nitro coursing through its veins. But, the sixth installment received a shot of adrenaline to get players’ hearts racing as fast as their cars. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline picked up where Asphalt 5 left off, continuing to add even more high-flying jumps and arcade action to the franchise.

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Heart pounding action

Just over one year after the release of Asphalt 5, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline arrived on iOS. And you can be sure that it once again upped the ante for the franchise as the team immediately got to work improving the already successful formula to make the best possible mobile racer.


While on a surface level this version added a little extra visual flourish and flare, digging deeper revealed some more fundamental changes. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline set out to add more realistic controls and car handling, but with a more arcadey feel. To achieve this, the team included more high-flying jumps, destructible scenery, and the new Adrenaline Mode.

An extra level of aggression

Activating Adrenaline Mode was simple. First players had to charge their Nitro meter by drifting and collecting bonuses around the track. Then, once fully loaded, they just had to activate their Nitro. Once engaged, the car would shoot forward with explosive force. Adding a blue tint and shake to the screen, driving on Adrenaline really gave a sense of speed that the series had not previously experienced.


But, using Adrenaline was not just about speed and jumping. As well as initiating the flight response – this extra boost also got players ready to fight. Blasting down the track, burning through your full Nitro bar, you were able to smash through any cars in your path. Look out opposition, because, on Adrenaline, you are coming through with speed and fury.

Race the world

Just like A5, Adrenaline offered tracks from real-world locations on which players could test their mettle. However, series fans were in for a treat, as many of these tracks were brand new to the series. Racers could take to the streets of Nassau, Chamonix, Reykjavík, Cape Town, Havana, New Orleans, and Moscow for the first time in their high-speed machines.


Fan favorite tracks also made a return, with New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Monte Carlo, and Shanghai being part of the tour. Plus, they all looked better than ever. Additional details had been added to every track, and they could all be enjoyed in HD thanks to the Retina Display on iOS. (The later release of the Android version also saw Detroit, Hong Kong, and Rio being added).

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline came fully tricked out with a total of eight flavors of challenge. From a three-lap Normal Race, to Under Pressure that saw other cars trying to eliminate the player, and back to Time Attack that simply demanded races be completed within a time limit – this title ensured something for everyone.

A huge career

A major advantage of all these different game modes was the variety they added to the Career. This offered 55 events across 11 leagues. This translated to around 10 hours of play single-player content. Throughout this racers could earn cash to upgrade and unlock the 42 licensed machines available in-game. And yes, most of these Asphalt Memories contain a sentence like this, but for those of you counting that is 12 more rides than were in Asphalt 5.

This time around, racers got to live out their four (and two) wheeled fantasies in machines from legendary manufacturers which included Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini. Each model was rendered in higher detail than ever before. Plus, for the first time, players could admire their rides from every angle by moving around them in a digital 3D Garage.

In the Garage, you could also upgrade seven aspects of your car or bike. Due to this range, players had tough choices to make when deciding how to squeeze the most from their machine. Upgrade the Turbo to maximize your top speed? Or improve a rides Control with fresh tires? Deciding what would make the best difference was a constant balancing act.


Challenge the world

Once racers mastered the single-player and had their dream machine tuned to perfection, there was the six-person multiplayer. Here players could prove their dominance on a local or global scale as they raced other competitors around the planet. Leaderboards were also on hand to allow the truly gifted to prove themselves on the world stage.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline certainly injected the series with a dose of style and continued to expand its bulging feature set. These advancements were, in no small part, thanks to how the team was able to squeeze the most from evolving smartphone technology. And this is something we will see even more clearly in our next Asphalt Memory, Asphalt 7: Heat.