Elite Joe Wins the ESL Mobile Open Season 3!

Asphalt 9: Legends

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The third season of the ESL Mobile Open presented by AT&T ended last week with Asphalt 9: Legends letting its colors shine at DreamHack Atlanta.

The four finalists made their way from all across North America to compete in the big finals live and on stage.

The champions of the first two seasons were among the top players once again:

  • Zoma: Winner of the first season of the ESL Mobile Open

  • Elite Joe: Winner of the second season of the ESL Mobile Open

And they're off!

In a flash of action the races started one after the other. InVerum and Pan Cake shoutcasted every lap. The perfect boosts and last second takedowns kept everyone on their toes as the competition heated up and reached its final moments.

After a couple hours of matches, the finals came down to the biggest rivalry in North American Asphalt 9: Legends: Zoma and Elite Joe.

Both have an ESL Mobile Open trophy to their name. Both have already walked up to the winner's podium. Both are certified Legends.

One last best of five match stood in front of the champions before the whole world would know who the ultimate undisputed Asphalt 9: Legends ESL Mobile Open Legend really is.

Red ➡ Yellow ➡ Green

Zoma and Elite Joe put the pedal to the metal, racing their hearts out as some of the most intense Asphalt action ever seen wowed everyone in sight. Three races later and Elite Joe earned his crown.

Elite Joe is now the winner, the champion, the Legend of the ESL Mobile Open Season 3.


Racers and Friends

The grand finale in Atlanta would not been the same without all the members of the Asphalt community there to support everyone who plays the game.

Pan Cake made sure the players were well represented at every moment of the finals, commentating all the action in the arena and becoming the voice of the community for the audience. Her history with the series started after seeing her brother speeding across tracks in Asphalt 8. Like many old guard players, she then changed lanes and picked up Asphalt 9 shortly after release. To this day Pan Cake loves the community and continues to create cool videos and fan art as often as she can.

The runner up for the ESL Mobile Open Season 3 is none other than Zoma, a young racer still in high school. He started playing Asphalt way back on the Nintendo 3DS and grew up playing the franchise in his free time. All that play then became practice, turning him into one of the top players in the world! While winning is always amazing, Zoma is most happy to have spent some time with his friends from Asphalt.

The latest Legend, Elite Joe, started racing in 2013 with Asphalt 8. He's been with the Elite Team since he started taking the game more seriously, getting close to other big names in the community like RpM Alex and Hector along the way. Coming off his second ESL Mobile Open championship, he's feeling absolutely legendary and is looking forward to being on stage again soon.

The Asphalt community was an indispensable part of the ESL Mobile Open. From Pan Cake shoutcasting the races to the finalists on stage what brought everyone together is a love for Asphalt.

Season 4 will be starting in January 2020 so if you haven't already, download Asphalt 9: Legends today and start practicing for the next ESL Mobile Open!

Check out the full VOD of the ESL Mobile Open Season 3 Finals on YouTube: