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Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Black Friday has become a celebration for every shopper and deal seeker. And, let’s face it, we all enjoy a bargain! This year is no exception, and Gameloft is bringing this sale season to many of its titles. This makes it the perfect time to grab those in-game items you have been holding off on.

Below are just a selection of some of the bargains you can find now in your favorite Gameloft titles this Black Friday. Read on to discover these amazing deals!


Asphalt 9 (iOS|Android|Windows)

Asphalt 9’s first Thanksgiving is a big one. Providing a full week of offers, you’ll have plenty of time to get in and take advantage of these bargains.

These deals were quick off the start, and are already running in-game. Don’t worry though, it is in for the long haul – with events, Card Packs, and bundles all on offer until Tuesday, November 27.


Running throughout this week is a special Black Friday bundle, stuffed full of great items to unlock and upgrade your cars. During this period, there is also a Black Friday Card Pack which offers a higher chance to get the Lykan Hypersport. Finally, all you racers can leap into the Black Friday time-limited event! Compete for even more rewards during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Get in on the action now to supercharge your engine and get your hands on some amazing speed machines!

Asphalt 8 (iOS|Android|Windows)

This Black Friday (November 23) through Cyber Monday (November 27), Asphalt 8 is delivering amazing offers to every racer.

First up, throughout this period, there is a Token Sale that offers up to 50% off bundles. While you are picking up these Tokens you can also check out the special Black Friday Pro Kit Box.


These five days are also going to see some special Car Promos coming to the game. These will include some exclusive high-end racers like the Apollo N, Rezvani Beast Alpha, and Vanda Electrics Dendrobium.

There are also going to be two, even-more-limited timed bundles. The first of these is going to be available for 48 hours, so look out for the Black Friday Bundle. This offer will be followed up with the Cyber Monday Bundle. Pick up this up for just 24 hours between November 26 and 27. A full-throttle Black Friday offering!

Iron Blade (iOS|Android|Windows)

Iron Blade is making sure that all of their Templars have a chance to celebrate during this Thanksgiving weekend.

Starting at 10:00 GMT on November 22, you will find your luck is significantly improved in Iron Blade. If you open a Premium Gear Chest or Legendary Gear Chest during this time, then you have a 50% chance of getting yourself an item from the Falcon or Hussar sets.


If you are looking to develop your stronghold, there are offers for you too. Opening a Premium Troop Chest will give you a 100% chance of acquiring an Epic Troop item. That isn’t the end of your luck, however, as the last offer is a 50% chance of receiving one of three Legendary Commanders from Legendary Troop Chests: Baal the Infernal, Esquin's Specter, or Samael the Deceiver.

But remember brothers and sisters, you are only going to have a limited time to take advantage of these offers. So, be sure to check in from 10:00 GMT on Thursday (November 22) until 10:00 GMT on Monday (November 26) to take advantage of these amazing rewards.

March of Empires (iOS|Android|Windows)

My liege, we want to provide only the best for you during this time of thanks. Yes, the people are grateful for your leadership and are demonstrating their appreciation with amazing offers in March of Empires.

The Exotic Dealer is delivering one such offering of thanks. While she visits the market this Friday she will offer you a 50% discount on all of her wares.


Beyond this, there are also a number of special bundles coming. Each of these is stuffed as full as a Thanksgiving turkey with amazing items. Pick up one of these generous bundles from the store, but only this Black Friday (November 23).

Also arriving for Thanksgiving, on November 22, there is a Grand Event Marathon. Three events are landing one after another. Starting with two Grand Event Lotteries and followed by a Grand Event Encounter, these are the perfect way to celebrate this grand season.

Sniper Fury (iOS|Android|Windows)

Sniper Fury is loaded with a stack of incredible offers! Since the start of the week, players of Gameloft’s long-range shooter have been able to take advantage of some amazing discounts.


If your aim was a little off over the last two days, you may have missed 33% off the powerful Master Pack. But don’t panic, there are plenty more offers on the way. From now until tomorrow (November 21), you can equip yourself with a special Weapons Bundle. This package contains two Thanksgiving weapons for a huge 80% off (just 1,600 rubies instead of 8000)!

Following this, you are going to be able to get up to 50% off Ruby packages (November 22-23) and then a huge range of gear is going to get a discount of up to 40% (November 24-25). Finally, to wrap up the celebrations, from November 24 to 27 two Squad Bundle promos will have their cost reduced by 50%.

War Planet Online (iOS|Android|Windows)

Generals, the Trader is visiting HQ this Friday. For one day only, War Planet Online’s purveyor of high-end,  sought after goods is going to have some amazing offers for you.

Sir, reports state that every one of his items is going to be discounted by 20%. This should give you the perfect chance to pick up all kinds of resources and items that you may need in the coming weeks. Get your shopping list ready!

To purchase any of these fantastic offers, you must visit the Trader ON BLACK FRIDAY. He has a very tight schedule and will be departing on Saturday morning. Be sure to see him on Friday, November 23 so you don’t miss out.


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