Asphalt 8’s latest update is firing on all cylinders

Asphalt 8: Airborne

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The latest Asphalt 8: Airborne update delivers new speed-machines, Reward Streaks, and revamped Kit Boxes that give you more ways to get what you want! So, strap in, check those mirrors, and turn the radio all the way up as we speed into update 26.

The Asphalt showroom

An Asphalt update wouldn’t be an Asphalt update without some new cars and bikes, and update 26 is no exception bringing with it five amazing machines.

There is one bike in the latest update, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. This supercharged supersport class motorcycle will leave other racers in the dirt. Well, that is providing you can keep its immense power under control.

The new Spring Update of Asphalt8 is now available for iOS and Windows! Uncover 5 new outstanding rides that will rock the roads this Spring.

Two Apollo cars also make their way in to the pack. The first is the Apollo N, a stylish supercar that boasts a powerful twin-turbocharged, 4.2 liter, V-8 engine. But it is the Apollo IE hypercar that really steals the show. With its V-12 engine this lightweight, aerodynamic machine is enough to leave your rivals sat at the start line.

The final two additions are from newer manufacturers. First there is the Danish Zenvo ST1 GT, which boasts 1163bhp thanks to its pair of superchargers, making it a powerful addition to any garage. Then there is the 2015 Dutch supercar, Vencer Sarthe. This is the first machine developed by the company and boasts a top speed of 210mph… not a bad initial outing.

Get rewards for your winning streaks

In addition to these new machines, Asphalt 8’s latest update brings with it a fresh addition to the Daily Task system, Reward Streaks. This is designed to reward dedicated players, so racers who complete multiple tasks in a row can now earn amazing gifts.

Complete 12 Daily Tasks in succession and you will be reward with a Pro Kit Box that comes stuffed full of cards to help you improve existing rides and unlock new ones. Also, don’t worry, you’ll never forget to complete your Daily Tasks as the button takes center stage on the menu screen.


More rewarding Kit Boxes

The final addition to update 26 is that of two new Kit Boxes, a change that maintains the theme of offering you even greater rewards.

The first of these are Split Boxes. In this Kit Box, for every card you receive you are given two different options. You can then decide which of the cards on offer you want to keep. This additional level of choice should allow you to get more of the cards you want, and discard the rest!

Shuffle Kit Boxes are the second addition. This one is a bit more straightforward. If you don’t like the cards this Box offers you then you can re-roll everything in it. You can do this up to three times. When you are really looking for a specific set of cards this can be a huge help as you are able to reject unwanted cards outright.

Update 26 of Asphalt 8: Airborne is bringing the rewards - jump in now on iOS, Android, and Windows to make sure you don’t miss out. Plus, be sure to join the community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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