Fall Out Boy comes to Asphalt 8 in a Thriller update

Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Asphalt 8: Airborne is already exceptional, but its 25th update truly secures its position as the best mobile racing game. The highlights of this are a story mode starring the Fall Out Boy members, special rewards, and three tracks from the group's new album added to Asphalt 8.

That’s not all though, an Honorable Mention should go to the Luna New Year event and there is also the Irresistible draw of the Mardi Gras event. So, if you are not playing this Golden game yet, then you should Start Today.


(And yes, there are Fall Out Boy song titles all through this article, see if you can spot them all and let us know how many there are in the comments).

One and Only

Fall Out Boy have come to Asphalt 8, and with them comes a brand new story mode. The entire charismatic cast of the group of put in an appearance, bringing with them exclusive races and rewards.

Take on tasks for the Fall Out Boy members and slowly become their most trusted driver. Then, race for them at the FOB World Tour. Taking part in this event you can even earn an in-game BMW M2 Special Edition.


But true fans who feel the band are responsible for their Favorite Record will be more excited to hear that 20 players can win a signed copy of their new album, M A N I A. Be one of the lucky few and you are bound to feel like one of the Immortals!

The FOB action doesn’t stop there. During the event you can enjoy three exclusive tracks from their new album, M A N I A.

American Made (and not)

Update 25’s action doesn’t stop there though. Throughout February there are multiple other celebrations.

Mardi Gras has come to Asphalt 8! Dance, Dance and play in special carnival events all across the planet. Choose your ride, and its disguise! Then, as you speed around the track transform mid-race, in this Tag Racing celebration.

This update also celebrates the Lunar New Year and the Chinese Year of the Dog. Take part in a special event, and pick up packs in the game during some amazing sales. Plus, be in with a chance to win a special “Year of the Dog New Year Edition” Audi E-Tron.


There are also six new rides coming! Among these are the luxurious Buick 2014 Riviera and the Vanda Electric Dendrobium, electric hypercar. You can be sure any race you undertake in these speed machines will be Short, Fast, and Loud (well, the electric car may be quieter).

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