An icon of racing is here, Porsche comes to Asphalt

Aspahlt 8: Airborne

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Prepare for the first appearance of one of racing's greatest icons in an Asphalt game. Update 21 gives you the chance to add legendary Porsche cars to your garage in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

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Five incredible models of Porsche

Porsche’s addition to Gameloft’s acclaimed racer gives you the chance to race in some of the most incredible race-cars ever created. There are five of these in total, each sporting the manufacturer’s distinctive style.


One of these five is the Porsche 959. This car has quite the history holding, in its time, the title of fastest road car available with a top speed of 195 miles an hour. Next there is the 718 Boxster S. This is the most recent model coming to Asphalt, having only been released in 2016.

Keeping things modern, the Cayman GT4 is another recent model. Released in 2015, this racer tops out at 183 mph, a speed that allowed it to secure a lap time of 7:40 on the Nurburgring.


The update also includes my personal favorite model of car, the 911 - to be precise the 911 GT3 RS. This high performance car is designed for racing, a fact that is clear to see from its sleek classic design.

Finally there is the 918 Spyder with Weissach Package. Before you even take into account the fine tuning delivered by Weissach, the 918 Spyder is already one of the fastest cars ever made… add this package, which reduces the weight and increases aerodynamics, and you have a super-supercar.


Special Porsche events

This legendary manufacturer also has its own race series for you to enter and compete in. The Porsche Championships are designed specifically to celebrate this brand and its cars. Enter these high speed challenges to earn these exceptional machines. Plus complete secondary goals to unlock further rewards.

Welcome Porsche!

Alongside the Porsche Championships comes the Porsche Special Events Series. There are a total of five, Porsche specific, events to compete in. These include Championships, R&D, and Enduro Double Down. By proving your skills and mastering these challenges you can earn the right to our most exceptional Porsche car.

Even more features

While the inclusion of Porsche is certainly the biggest news of update 21, there are a few other additions and changes of note. New streamlined game menus make the interface more attractive and refined. From the all new hub and Play menus you can now easily make your way to Career, Multiplayer, Daily Tasks, and more. Navigate menus as fast as you navigate tracks.


Further helping with navigation comes a car search filter. This helps you navigate your garage with ease by filtering by brand. From here you can also easily see all the cars you own, machines on sale, and more.

Add a Porsche to your Asphalt 8: Airborne garage! Just download the game on iOS, Android, or Windows now. Follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to make sure you are always up to speed.