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Gameloft Among the First Companies to Include IAB’s app-ads.txt

Gameloft sets a new record with a 98.6% valid and viewable rate for video creatives

Paris, July 1st, 2019Gameloft Advertising Solutions, leader in the creation and delivery of game-based experiences for brands, is proud to announce the implementation of IAB’s app-ads.txt in all programmatic activity across Gameloft games. This new initiative is perfectly aligned with Gameloft’s commitment to creating a fraud free advertising ecosystem. Gameloft’s vision for a brand safe environment has always focused on premium content, precise targeting, and transparency.

Following the IAB guidelines, Gameloft has created a centralized file of all sources authorized to sell Gameloft inventory. The major app stores then link to the file, giving buyers access to verifiably legitimate inventory.

IAB’s app-ads.txt provides trusted third party verification for a fraud free environment, removing the risk of fraudulent activity in Gameloft’s programmatic activity. The addition of app-ads.txt continues Gameloft’s tradition of pushing for transparency by working with neutral third parties like Oracle’s Moat Technology, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), DTSG Brand Safety, and the IAB which recently granted Gameloft a Gold Certification in the UK. 


Following the Media Rating Council’s standards, in Q1 2019 Gameloft’s video format was 98.6% valid and viewable – a score measured by Oracle’s Moat Technology and beating the industry benchmark by 74%. The ad creatives displayed across Gameloft games perform considerably better than the market average, maintaining a consistent high viewability that is acknowledged and confirmed by independent and trusted third parties.


The legitimate inventory from app-ads.txt and the clear and verifiable metrics from Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Technology answer the question of how and where brand creatives are displayed, validating Gameloft’s positioning as offering a fraud free and brand safe ecosystem for brands that does not compromise on the delivery of strong performances.


Greater publisher transparency also ties into innovation and creativity as the keys to creating a safer and stronger digital advertising ecosystem. With app-ads.txt, Gameloft is moving the advertising and gaming industry forward by promoting best practices, removing risk and creating the space for transparency and trust.


“We have seen constant growth since working with third parties like the IAB, Oracle, and IAS,” stated Alexandre Tan, VP Advertising at Gameloft Advertising Solutions. “We have a commitment to creating a fraud-free and brand safe environment to deliver high performance for brands, and it shows in our high percentage of valid views. App-ads.txt is aligned with our commitment of limiting fraudulent activity and reflects our vision of a transparent advertising future.”