From the Multiverse to Osaka – Meeting the King of Fighters in Japan!

Dungeon Hunter Champions

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As a part of the big event with King of Fighters, we gave fans of Dungeon Hunter Champions the chance to win a trip to Japan and visit the SNK studios.

We are happy to say the five huge Dungeon Hunter Champions fans successfully hoped on a plane and after a long flight with a lot of jetlag, they were ready to take in the wonders of the land of the rising sun.

The trip to the SNK studios could not have been any more exciting for everyone involved. Having friends from Dungeon Hunter Champions meet in real life was a big enough deal, but adding all the new experiences and gaming history from SNK just took it all to the next level.

Winning the Raffle

To jog your memory, Gameloft added to the King of Fighters event in Dungeon Hunter Champions by giving the luckiest of players a chance to visit the SNK studios in Osaka. The two winners of the big contest, Adam Mekmorakoth and Adam Lewis, were then joined by three influencers, Claytano, Xenastar, and Islandgrown, creating a fun atmosphere of gaming as everyone soaked in the sights and sounds of the city.

The two contest winners were blown away by this chance of a lifetime. The two Adams simply didn’t believe they had actually one and it wasn’t until they were actually in getting off the plane in Japan that they finally started to accept that they had really won!

Trip of a Lifetime

The three day trip to Japan included more than just hours and hours of playing Dungeon Hunter Champions. The group of super fans stepped into a time machine and looked into Japan’s past in a visit to the incredible Osaka Castle. There was also a vertical vacation up the Abeno Harukas tower, the tallest sky scraper in Japan where they could get an amazing view of the entire city!

Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without the day-long visit to the SNK Studios. They heard about the history of the King of Fighters, from the start on the Neo Geo to being playable in Dungeon Hunter Champions. While at the studio, SNK artists gave the lucky fans a super special treat and drew a quick sketch of the three content creators!

Claytano, Xenastar, and Islandgrown also put on a live show while in Japan, sharing all the amazing fun with Dungeon Hunter Champions fans around the world. The three influencers were also put to the test in a taste challenge to see if they were brave enough to try some of the more unique local cuisine.

Rematch in the Eternal Contest!

As we look back at all the fun of the last King of Fighters event, we have some good news for all the summoners out there! We’re bringing it back! You now have a second chance to get Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui into your team of champions!

That’s not all, the King of Fighters event will now be coming back every month and will always include everything from the first one. Get ready to jump into the game and gather all the Ascending Elixirs!

Download Dungeon Hunter Champions to get all the exclusive King of Fighters content and start showing off your love for SNK’s cherished characters today!

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