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Valenthia’s middle ages continue. Across the lands of Dungeon Hunter 5, it is a dark time as a dangerous event appears. But, to help you through this medieval time, smithies and armorers have been hard at work, creating powerful weapons and armors for you to use to take on any scenario!

Death stalks you

The Citadel of Death is a challenging and lethal limited-time event. Battle your way from platform to platform, taking on swarms of enemies that attack you in each arena. You have a narrow time-limit within which you must defeat these waves of foes. However, if you can crush the increasingly difficult challenges they offer you can earn piles of crystal shards.


These crystal shards are not just for decoration. Cash these valuable gems in at a special store for powerful rewards. Purchase these items with the shards or choose to use them to craft the Aventurine Amulet.

Through your battles into the Citadel of Death can also discover a new chest. Unlock this to become even more powerful.


Medieval hardware

The blacksmiths have been hard at work using the most advanced technology of the Valenthian middle ages to prepare you for your fight. Powerful armors and weapons are being forged and infused with elements from across the shattered realms.

Each element has an armor set and weapon coming in the latest update. Nature elements have the Forest Guardian’s Barkplate armor and Staff. If you are facing off against light enemies, then you’ll want to take in the dark Abyssal Protector’s Blades and, if you want matching dark armor, then the Chasm Protector’s Mail is available.

Continue on your Medieval quest in Valenthia with update 27! Face new trials with the Citadel of Death, craft a new trinket and defend your stronghold with the a new tanky beast: The Lesser Geonodon.

Light equipment comes in the form of the Temple Defender’s Plate and Bolter. Similarly, those looking for water gear can don the Upland Keeper’s Shell and arm themselves with the Upland Keeper’s Sword. Finally, the fire element is represented by the Anvil Sentinel’s Armor and Glaive.

Get your Geonodon

If you are reinforcing your Stronghold then the arrival of the Lesser Geonodon will be of interest. This fire minion can help you defend your home of operations with its high armor and resistance. Its exploding fire insects are also sure to give you an edge.


Prepare yourselves for this new adventure, Bounty Hunters, by downloading Dungeon Hunter 5 and this new update today on iOS, Android, and Windows! Plus, remember to never miss out on the latest DH5 news, visit the team on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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