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  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions
  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions

Mobile Momentsto Reach Your Audience

Unique Access to an Engaged and Responsive Audience That Is Ready to Have Fun!

  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions Gaming Apps


    More than 50+ games available for advertising within the Gameloft Network! The gaming context unlocks infinite possibilities for interactions between brands and users.

  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions Full Attention


    Mobile gaming is one of the rare forms of media that offers exclusive attention. In gaming there are no distracting second screens or changing the channel!

  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions Creative Capabilities


    Gamified rich-media, in-game native, as well as custom standalone mobile products, providing brands with remarkable results in terms of engagement and visibility.

  • Gameloft Advertising Solutions Brands Opportunities


    With a wide range of mobile ad formats and targeting capabilities, there are numerous ways for brands to achieve their objectives. Gameloft’s original IP and pool of influencers can also be mobilized to conduct unique campaigns, including esports on the Gameloft network!

Branded Mini-Game

Branded playable ad, 
customized gameplay


Ad Formats Designed for the Gaming Environment

  • Gamified and Interactive Ads

    Fun from playing and reward generate endorphins, offering positive association for your brand.


    Seamless integrations that let your brand inspire winning moments


    Add an element of fun to the video format and let users interact with the creative, keeping them engaged throughout the entire brand message!


    Creation of immersive brand experiences supported by both IN and OUT-of-game activations

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Interactive Survey

In-app rich media survey

Effective Advertising. Powerful Insights.

We create fun and engaging ways to get valuable consumer insights!

Discover about your brand and audience to better optimize branding efforts.

HTML5 Rich Media - Developed by our creative teams


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Mini Game


A micro mobile site

Lets consumers interact with your brand’s story and take advantage of the full capabilities of HTML5 for the richest media experience.

*Site available for 360° View


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Motion Interstitial full screen.

The unit is designed to offer a smooth animation from game environment to advertising (Host game in background). Ideal for engaging viewers with premium, eye-catching displays that stimulate brand awareness.

HTML5 Rich Media - Developed by our creative teams

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Mini Game

Celebrity Call

Surprise! Surprise! You have a phone call from your favorite celebrity!

An interactive rich media interstitial with an audio or video message clip, mimicking a call from a celebrity.

The user have the choice to answer or decline.
When answering, user hears a recorded audio message or see a recorded video message.
If user declines, a screen appears showing a SMS with the message.

At the end, there will be an end screen with Call-to-action options.


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Mini Game

Playable Ad

Lasting Interaction through Active Engagement

Gameloft leverages its 18 years of game development experience, creating high quality custom minigames for brands. The short bursts of fun take the form of HTML5 creatives with custom gameplay elements to emphasize the advertising message!

Endless runner gameplay with the Lego City new toys!

HTML5 Rich Media - Developed by our creative teams

*Now available in 360° View!

4 ways to run Mini Games!

Gameloft Network | Standardized MRAID Tag Networks | Desktop Browsers | Embedded in Your App

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


In-app rich media form

The easy way to address a form to the audience that matters!

Many applications: signing-up for a newsletter, leaving contact details to receive documentation, registering for an event, gathering customer’s insight…

The form is the best solution to capture qualified leads.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

In-game event

Tell your story in-game: interact with your audience at the heart of gaming experiences

Exclusive new game modes

In-game branded challenges


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Associate your brand to the fastest growing sport ever!

Esports is a competition on multiplayers game between professionnal or non professionnal players.


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Stories & Experiences

From in-game actions... to live experiences!

Take a legendary trip with Lamborghini

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Expandable Video Banner

A subtle way to deliver a brand’s story and invite deeper engagement

This ad format is utilizing video directly in the banner to spark audience curiosity. User initiates the video to expand it in full screen, which is maximizing engagement with the brand.

Driving engagement throughout the video with an overlay.

HTML5 Rich Media

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Standard Video

The most demanded unit on mobile!

Video is the ideal format for storytelling. And in gaming there is no distracting second screens! A video end screen or click-to-action button drives the user to find out more information.

VAST Video

*360° support available too

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Expandable Video Interstitial

An Expandable Video Embedded within a Themed Interstitial

This full screen, rich media ad format maximizes user engagement by inviting users to watch and take action throughout the video. By immersing your consumers, it brings your brand to the forefront of their attention.

  • “Full screen expandable video” when the expand button is clicked
  • “Call to action button” leads to landing page, install or form

HTML5 Rich Media

* Expandable Video Interstitial available for 360° View

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Expandable overlays

The ad format which offers a more engaging experience from the standard video!

This video unit incorporates interactive features that once clicked, may pause the video and allow the user to discover more about a product or service advertised.

The advertiser can choose up to 2 interactions among a wide variety of features : 360° view, questionnaire, color selector, etc.…

HTML5 Rich Media – Gameloft Exclusive production

*Interactive video with Expandable Overlays available for 360° View


Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Quick-Time Events

Add the element of fun and let the user interact with your videos with our custom QTEs, applied at selected moments, to hook the user’s attention throughout the video.

We apply 4-5 QTEs on the video, with Success/Missed alert after.

Fun & interactive video ad format !

HTML5 Rich Media – Gameloft Exclusive production

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Let users be the DJ to your music video or film soundtrack!

An ad unit designed for users to interact by tapping controls that follow the beat or rhythm of a sound clip.

An ideal format for the music or film industry!

This ad format gamifies a video or sound clip, with users attention focused to the sound extract in order to engage.
They will be able to see their score at the end, with a call-to-action for redirection to full song or website afterwards.

The interactivity of this format allows for true engagement from user, from start to finish.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Interactive Video Story

Give users the power to choose their own adventure with your brand!

The choose-your-own-adventure video gives your audience a sense of personalization and control, with a fun, digital  experience that allows the viewer to choose between paths and define the story.

Decisional Advertising!

Interactive Video Story redefines traditional video ad experience into a two-way dialogue. Viewers make their own choices that alter the narrative experience, turning viewers into an active audience. At certain decision points in the video, users are asked to choose between two paths. Each path influences the video’s story progression.

We include 2-3 decision points in the video where users can choose the story’s direction.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Two parallel stories in one frame! Showcase two sides of your brand product or story.

Swipe left, swipe right. Users can slide between the videos by controlling and interacting with it.
This unit allows you to present users with a side-by-side display of your best video content.

A great fit to show “before & after” concepts, different variants and flavors of a product, or parallel scenes from a movie.

Premium video:
Two videos in one placement, user gets to choose which to watch

Browser-Based version also available (desktop & mobile)

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Iab Vast Compliant
Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Sponsored Event

Engage your audience by sponsoring special competitive events in select Gameloft titles. Events are supplemented with push notifications, welcome screens, game menus and social media promotion.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form

Branded Booster

A special branded booster that is offered before gameplay to give players an advantage. Users will be able to apply the advantage in the next gameplay, right after claiming the booster.

A native brand integration at an opportune moment (i.e. before a race), that creates a meaningful interaction between brands and consumers!


Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Perfectly integrate into the game action phase!

Offering high reach and viewability as brand becomes part of the in-game, action-phase environment.

Customize your own decal in Asphalt and give your vehicle the placement it deserves. Join a catalogue of prestigious car manufacturers.

Brand integration possibilities depend on each host game, to be discussed for each opportunity.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions
Gameloft Advertising Solutions Form


Take over the game environment!

Seamlessly display your brand message along Asphalt race tracks or in Modern Combat Versus selected billboard areas for extra exposure.



    Leveraging our user profile data to address the appropriate audience (Age, Gender).


    Refining your reach in regards to brand, type, model, settings and carrier.


    Targeting users at specific locations


    Serving ads in relevant context (based on game genres, interests and core audience).


    Matching your target audience with the right games via context and first-party audience data

Campaign Stories

Interactive Ad formats for Coca-Cola, to engage with the interactive mobile audience.


The Mini-Game Saga with Kellogg’s ! Toucan Sam was the hero of 3 captivating mini-games!


The Deezer’s campaign aimed at promoting its catalog of artists with this fun playable ad.


Our Engagements

Viewability • Safe Inventory • Innovation • Creativity


A leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms and with an engage and passionate audience, it offers via Gameloft Advertising Solutions a unique level of visibility and involvement to advertisers. 
Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt®, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel® and Ferrari®. Gameloft distributes its games in over 100 countries and employs 6,000 people worldwide.

All trademarks referenced above are owned by their respective trademark owners. 


With a strong advertising network with 40 offices worldwide, Gameloft Advertising Solutions has delivered more than 3000 campaigns for prestigious brands such as Air France, Coca-Cola®, Ford, FOX™, Kellogg’s®, McDonalds, ©Netflix, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and Unilever, around the world (North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.). 
Owner of its inventory, Gameloft offers a brand safety environment, allowing advertisers to benefit from a perfectly controlled display context. Transparency being at the heart of advertiser relations, Gameloft Advertising Solutions is able to integrate independent tracking and visibility measurement into formats that comply with IAB standards.

All trademarks referenced above are owned by their respective trademark owners.


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