The Avengers - The Mobile Game

The Avengers - The Mobile Game

With the help of alien invaders, Loki seeks to conquer Earth. But first he must divide and conquer the only ones that can stop him: The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.
Play as the Avengers - Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man or Thor - and fight against Loki and his alien allies as they seek to conquer Earth. Charge headlong into exciting gameplay with eight levels, including flying levels and locations faithfully recreated from the movie.

  • 4 playable Avengers (The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man)
  • Each Avenger has his own unique special skills and attacks
  • Fight against a variety of enemies and bosses
  • Varied gameplay with flying, combo and projectile attacks and unlockable upgrades to your powers
  • Locations and environments faithfully recreated from the movie

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