Midnight Bowling ™

Midnight Bowling ™

Midnight Bowling gives you access to the intriguing world of the planet’s best bowling. Perform in trendy settings decked out with pumping music and very cool designs. People come here to party, and the disco scene is guaranteed! Everything that makes bowling so great is right here in Midnight Bowling: different balls, several view angles allowing you to admire your throws, and much more. Get the same sensations of a real bowling alley right on your mobile phone! Face opponents worthy of your talent and let the admiration of spectators go to your head as they react to the boldness of your tricks.

  • 3 game modes: Instant Play, Battle Mode, Tournament, plus lots of challenges!
  • A captivating atmosphere with sound effects, special animation, and active spectators!
  • Exceptional gameplay, including the exclusive spin control: even after you’ve thrown the ball, guide it right towards a strike!
  • Lots of bonuses to uncover: new challenges, new balls, and much more

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