Did you know that you can adopt the most adorable puppy, feed him, train him…and do all this on your mobile phone? That’s exactly what Dogz lets you do: keep your favorite pet with you constantly and play with him anytime, wherever you go! But not so fast…just like in reality, your pet is not there just to entertain you. You’ll also have the delicate task of making your pet the happiest, most radiant dog! Don’t forget that the attention and love that you give him will be as important as the exercises and games that you present to him.

  • The only mobile game that lets you develop a true emotional relationship with your dog and never let him out of your sight.
  • Ultra-intuitive interface and various views that adapt to the progress of the game for a more dynamic experience: overall view, zoom, and close-up view for petting.
  • Ten different places to visit, including outside environments that change with the seasons through synchronization with the phone’s clock!
  • Eleven mini-games for unequalled game length and variety: dog shows, dog olympics, classic games with balls and Frisbees, etc.

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