Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe

In Palm Ocean, a town known for its wild nightlife, an eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker tournament for the 10 best players in the world. As a famous Block Breaker champion, you want in - badly. There’s only one small problem: the entry fee is 1 million dollars and you only have $100 in your pocket! The only solution is to hit the city’s gaming halls and take on challenges thrown down by characters from the night-time scene to boost your funds. But it won’t be easy... the competition to get into the tournament will be fierce! Get ready for ever tougher challenges and rough encounters in this 1980's styled city full of hip characters. Hustle maximum cash and win some unforgettable prizes… and don’t forget to offer gifts to the city’s key-characters: they’ll open some useful doors for you!

  • A stunning revival of a genre and fantastic 1980's-hype atmosphere.
  • Break-neck action is assured thanks to fast animation and innovative gameplay.
  • Gripping and original storyline, tough opponents.
  • The best mobile game of its type: 50 levels, 7 locations, 5 bosses, 11 types of brick and 14 power-ups! Lots of prizes every month when you send in your best score.

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