Well done, hero. Getting here was not easy!

As a reward, here’s a bit of secret lore from the Dungeon Hunter 4 storyline:

In a world where two nations, the Valens and the Kenashi, are at war since time immemorial, you are a Valen soldier.

Just as you enter the battlefield for a fight that could change the course of history, the world is overwhelmed by hordes of demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago.

You awaken after losing consciousness in the aftermath of a terrible battle, human and demon corpses littering the battlefield.

Shocked but unharmed, you seem to be plagued by visions of a stranger’s memories.
You don’t know it yet, but you may be Valenthia’s only remaining hope.

From the woods of Valenthia to the mountains of Kankheer and the haunted villages of Wasteland, you’ll have to fight for your people, and your destiny.

To proceed to the next step of this quest, you must enter a very famous code among video gamers.
The code is commonly known as the K. Code, so let’s call it the “Knight Code” for now! Here’s a hint: the code starts by pressing the ↑ key twice!