Chess Classics HD

Chess Classics HD

The ideal chess simulation game: turn your iPad into an amazing HD chess board! Intuitive touch controls offer a deep immersion into the games, enabling sessions that closely resemble your moves in real life. Move the pieces naturally with the tip of your fingers, choose your environment, and at any time, switch between 3D and 2D views. All the official rules are fully accessible to everyone, with adaptable difficulty levels making it perfect for beginners and extra modes to keep experts challenged for hours.

  • EXCLUSIVE Hot Seat multiplayer mode! Play against a friend on the same table: the iPad becomes your chessboard.
  • The #1 chess engine for a super realistic game.
  • Ideal for beginners! Tutorials and a Quiz mode help you learn the official rules, plus tips and tricks.
  • Human-like artificial intelligence for complete challenges.
  • Choose to play in 3D or 2D, and choose among 4 sets of trendy and classic themes.
  • 3 perfectly balanced levels of difficulty.

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