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Gameloft and CARE Unite to Fight Poverty in Dragon Mania Legends

Gameloft gives back with a special charity event, “Stronger Together,” and a $50,000 minimum donation to CARE


Paris, March 29th, 2019 – Gameloft, leader in the development and publishing of games, announces “Stronger Together,” a special event in Dragon Mania Legends to engage millions of players to support CARE, a world’s leading humanitarian organizations in its fight against poverty. This charity event will give back 100 percent of the event revenue to CARE with an objective to reach a minimum of $50,000. With the “Stronger Together” event, Gameloft is providing an opportunity for the Dragon Mania Legends community to make a difference and to foster a better world through their gaming experience.

Dragon Mania Legends is all about taking care of dragons, making sure they grow up strong before taking them into battle. From April 8th to April 18th, players will have the opportunity to train their dragons to enter the fight against poverty within Dragon Mania Legends. To support this event, Gameloft invited three digital super stars - Annie LeBlanc (over 3.4 million subscribers), Bobby Duke Arts (over 2.4 million subscribers) and The LaBrant Fam (over 8.6 million subscribers) – to join forces together. Each one of them customized their unique dragon, and players will be able to vote for their favorite whilst donating to CARE, and ultimately unlock the winning dragon. Furthermore, there are two more exclusive CARE dragons to win by climbing the leaderboards.