Sniper Fury

Precision action!

Sniper Fury is the 2018 World of Gameloft Cup Champion!

Sniper Fury

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We have decided the first World of Gameloft Cup Champion! After three weeks of matchups, players of some of Gameloft’s greatest titles have voted on and decided a winner. And the game with the most most-passionate fans was Sniper Fury - the long-range FPS.

You can play the fan-voted 2018 World of Gameloft Cup Champion, Sniper Fury, for free now. Just click to download it on iOS, Android, Windows, or Steam.


The final battle

It was was a close fight, with two very different titles, both of which fought incredibly hard to reach the World of Gameloft Cup Final.

One of these games was the long-range, modern-military, shooter Sniper Fury. It took aim at the prize, achieving some huge victories along the way. Its fans fueled this success. Each match it saw its votes soar, ensuring any opposition was defeated.

Similarly, the medieval strategy game, March of Empires, took on all comers on its path to the final. Perhaps fittingly, many of the titles it defeated featured sword-swinging action, proving that tactics are the key to victory.

This was no easy fight. The back-and-forth was intense. Each games' fans jostled to give their title the edge. Every time I checked the standings the winner had switched - as each hour one game would push an advantage and edge ahead by a few hundred votes.

It was a close contest. But finally, after three days of this tense battle (and a manual count to check some voting discrepancies), Sniper Fury emerged victorious to be crowned victor!

2018’s champion!

Sniper Fury has its player base to thank for this success. Fans who have been playing this game since its release, and have continued to pour their love and support into it.

As the first-ever World of Gameloft Cup, Sniper Fury is now the inaugural champion. It will hold this accolade until next year. Then, hopefully, we will have a second, even larger, World of Gameloft Cup. And, who knows, maybe this novel take on the FPS can win again.

You can start playing the 2018 World of Gameloft Cup champions, Sniper Fury, for free today! Plus, you can join its passionate community on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.