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Experience Sniper Fury in 360° and win a VR headset

Sniper Fury

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Sniper Fury is offering you the chance to win a Google Cardboard VR headset with its Sniper Fury Moon 360° Scout trailer. To enter this sweepstakes, just check out the video and the rules below.

Become a true sniper

While a sniper must have perfect aim and a steady hand, they also need to possess keen situational awareness. What is above, below, and behind are all just as important as the target. You must use this acutely tuned spatial awareness to get the upper hand in the Sniper Fury Sweepstakes.

WIN A GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR HEADSET! *To enter the Sweepstakes* subscribe to the Channel, like the Sweepstakes Post and state in the comment section of the post the total number of people visible on the Moon 360° Scout trailer video (they could be on foot, flying or visibly piloting ships) - hint: there are more than 20! Submit your comment, like the Post and Subscribe the Channel to receive one entry into the Sweepstakes.

Load up this 360° Scout Moon trailer on Sniper Fury’s YouTube channel. Scan the area while you fly over the rocky satellite’s surface and an enemy facility to locate every combatant. They might be walking, flying, or (visibly) piloting some form of ship.

It may seem like a simple task at first. But, with the full 3D range of movement available, you will soon realize that locating the 20 plus targets around the map is a substantial task.

Watch and win

You must assess every angle and count up the number of threats. Once you do it is time to  enter. Subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment to receive one entry to the sweepstakes.


One thing to keep in mind is that you must be a member of YouTube to enter. Plus, you have to have confirmed your user name in the settings to ensure your Submission is a valid entry. Oh, and the event ends on March fifteenth, so make sure you have taken your shot before then!

A full breakdown of the terms and conditions are here.

Of course, you don’t have to enter this competition to have fun with Sniper Fury, you can download the game for free right now. Plus, if you want more information and updates about this precision shooter, then you can follow it on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.