Know your enemy: Iron Blade’s Black William

Iron Blade

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Iron Blade’s team is continuing its effort to give you the edge against the vicious enemies you face during its medieval globe-trotting adventure. The latest video on their YouTube channel focuses on Black William, the game’s second boss and a deadly foe. Become a member of the Knights Templar, and battle these fearsome forces of evil.

William of Paris

Once a priest and theologian, William of Paris was a Black Friar and the King's Confessor. Corrupted by Esquin the Betrayer, he took up the mantle of the Main Inquisitor during the Templar Trials.

Becoming Black William he is now a close ally of Esquin, as he hunts down and eliminates the Knights Templar. To reward him this, and joining Baal's forces, Esquin gifted William a new armor. Etched with demonic black runes it gives William unholy strength and endurance in combat. However, for this to work, he must keep it fed with blood.

Clearly this power is addictive, as Esquin’s close confident has not been seen outside of this armor in months - which may have cemented the nickname Black William.

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Black William

Taking control of Damian, you first meet Black William as he holds a Templar for questioning. In a cell, deep beneath the Conciergerie palace, he is carrying out unspeakable torments on Damian’s fellow Brother. But his actions are not simply to  extract information, there is a cruel sadistic nature to them - like the Inquisitor enjoys inflicting pain.


He is a dangerous and powerful adversary. Ruthless, bold, and contemptuous, he has proven himself more than worthy of his title. But despite his strength, Black William leaves nothing to chance. Knowing danger still threatens him, he is surrounded by guards to ensure he is ready for anyone trying to stop his villainy.

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If you can beat him though, Black William will have the information you require to discover how Esquin wrestled control from the king. But be warned - the Inquisitor has some dark and powerful friends that he may call on before he is finally defeated.

Check back soon for the next video in the Iron Blade boss series - Hugo the Crusher. Until then, take a swing at Iron Blade by downloading it on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, follow it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up on all the latest game news.