Enjoy a Gameloft Halloween, in 2018!

Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Everyone loves Halloween. Maybe it’s because people enjoy dressing up. Perhaps it's the magic of seeing kids and adults all enjoying ghoulish parties. Or maybe it's just that we all secretly enjoy being a little scared. Whatever the reason, the end of October always seems to have a little (dark) magic in the air. And Gameloft’s terrifying selection of titles is embracing the season with a selection of spooky updates and events!


Asphalt 8: Airborne (iOS | Android | Windows)

Supercharge your Halloween with Asphalt 8. With spooky celebrations happening both in and out of the game, you can be sure that every witch, goblin, and zombie will be racing in style.

First up, there is the #PimpMyTrack competition. This is currently going on across Asphalt’s social channels and offers you the chance to become immortal in Asphalt 8 (not like a vampire… more like a legend). This contest has you design a statue to adorn the upcoming Transylvania track, which is coming to Asphalt 8 soon! Along with the winner getting their design in the game and 100,000 credits, there will also be runner-up and community prizes.

You can also take part in the Halloween Festival Event in-game. Much like the recent Anniversary Event, this has you collecting creepy coins. You can do this by completing milestone challenges or by finding them on tracks in Career, Moto Blitz, and Multiplayer Events. These Halloween Coins can then be traded for a slew of rewards. Plus, there are even further rewards to earn by filling the event's Milestone Bar!

You can learn more about the Halloween update in our article!

Iron Blade (iOS | Android | Windows)

Already one of the most demonic infused of Gameloft’s titles, Iron Blade is adding an extra level of gothic-fear with its Halloween update.

First up, last year’s Halloween Special Gear Set is returning – the Pumpkin Knight. This is giving every Templar the chance to earn this armor set again if they missed it the first time around. Earn these through Legendary Gear Chests until November 4th! Slip into this seasonally spooky costume and go trick-or-treating in PvP Fortress battles.


Of course, it isn’t just a costume that gets you ready for some frightening fun! To truly embrace this holiday, you need to decorate your home… your castle… your Fortress! Over this Halloween period, your keep is going to be decorated with Jack-o-Lanterns. Not only that, but every one of you and your foes humanoid defenders has become undead! Take on these zombified foes in PvP with some hardcore trick or treating.

March of Empires (iOS | Android | Windows)

Now, Halloween is a bit of fun. But, during the medieval era, it was far more evil – and that darkness is arriving in March of Empires later this month.

A huge questline is coming with new Journal Missions. Unlock and complete three sprawling story chapters from this holiday-themed storyline. Your choices will determine your journey, and unlock various boosts and bonuses for your battle against an army of undead – so choose wisely!

Also, during this Halloween event, you will be able to join in the Pumpkin Hunts! Find these across the map in-game and beat your fellow lords to them to earn amazing rewards. There will also be a Special Halloween Calendar, offering you daily rewards from October 29th to November 4th – log in daily to get these.

The reanimated hordes of Halloween Knights are coming again to threaten your realm. Battle and defeat this plague and force them back to get a chest full of Halloween treats.

Plus, keep an eye on the March of Empires Facebook page for news on some spooky giveaways!

Modern Combat Versus (iOS | Android | Windows)

It's time to go trick or treating as OCTO and KORP embrace Halloween in the Macropolis of Modern Combat Versus.

There are ten special Halloween Jerseys coming to the Skin store, allowing you to deck out your Agents in suitably spooky fashion. But, if you still feel your Agents are lacking a little bit of terror, then give them Halloween-themed Weapon Camos to make their weapons positively ghoulish.


But it is not fun to run around town trick-or-treating if no one else is making the effort! Not a problem if you head to Central Station though! This map is getting a Halloween makeover, with unique decorations to really make it stand out. A perfect spot for a frightening fight or a spooky standoff.

Not enough? Well, there may be some more treats coming! So check back here, or Modern Combat Versus’ Facebook page, for more news closer to All Hallows’ Eve.

My Little Pony (iOS | Android | Windows)

Everypony! There is an emergency in Sweet Apple Acres. The fruit is turning rotten, it is the Night of the Living Apples! This time-limited story event gives you the opportunity to relive the amazing comic book story’s wacky twists along with all of your favorite characters.

A magical meteor shower has rained down on My Little Pony, bringing the apples to life for this event. And, at their core, these apples want conquest. You must go bobbing for danger and help Flutterbat and vampire versions of the Mane Six - such as Rainbow Bite and Appledrac - in this new Nightmare Night Adventure.

This update will also offer you lots of new ways to expand your Ponyville. Bring frightening new friends to your town with the Vampire Ponies’ Belfry and Apple Encampment. Plus, add the Nightmare Night Corn Maze, Ghost Ship, and other spooky stores and decorations to really get in the mood.

Play now to scare yourself filly!

Sniper Fury (iOS | Android | Windows)

Snipers, it is time to deploy. Halloween is here again, and those who remember last year will attest to just how creepy this time of year can be. Fortunately, the quartermaster has some real treats for you. The special Werewolf Gear Set is now on offer in the store – ask to see the specials for a great deal on this.

But, if you really want to pack a punch, you’ll want to pair the Werewolf gear set with the new Gangster’ Ghoul. You can add this to your arsenal by completing all the chapters of the Hallowed Eve co-op event.


Of course, to trick invaders, you are going to want to pick up some Accessories. To be in with a chance of winning a set of four base defenses and four exclusive packs you have to head over to Sniper Fury's Facebook and Instagram pages.

There you can enter the #HOLOCTOBER sweepstakes. Entry is simple, you just need to capture and share a screenshot of your Avatar with a Default or Pumpkin Holo Badge before October 31st. Good luck, because winning this would be a real treat.

War Planet Online (iOS | Android | Windows)

General, it's Halloween, and the whole planet is celebrating.

A special Holiday Chain Event kicks off the celebrations. Join a series of solo events to earn points towards the Chain Event Leaderboard. The more points you get, the more seriously scary holiday themed rewards you will receive! There are five Grand Events and one Kill Enemies event that you can take part in to build these points – so begin your battle today.

But, when you are not battling through this series of events, the world is still full of frightening fun. Spooky Jacks are dotted around the world map for you to collect in order to unlock Sinister Caskets. These special containers hold Halloween Candy that the Trader is happy to exchange for exclusive Halloween offers.

Oh, and due warning General, the Trader is really into Halloween and has completely decked out his store – and himself – for the season. Don’t be too frightened!

World at Arms (iOS | Android | Windows)

World at Arms has been celebrating Halloween for over a week now. The game’s photo competition started on October 19th and will run until 29th. Winners will be announced on the 31st, fright night itself.

This Halloween Photo Contest invited the World at Arms community to share themselves playing in some real-world spooky situations. All they had to do, was find a suitably scary setting (surrounded by bats or spiders) or don their own Halloween costume – then snap a picture of themselves playing! After that, all they had to do to enter was send the image to the team with the sentence, "You have my permission to publish my work on the World at Arms Social Media channel,” by October 29th.


Remember to read the full Terms and Conditions, and note that you do not have to actually appear in the photo if you don’t want to! Just make sure that we can see the game in a Halloween setting.

Two winners are going to receive 6x Headless Rider III, and be immortalized on the World at Arms Facebook page. Talk about bragging rights…