2017 kicks-off in style in Gangstar Vegas


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Have you been feeling rundown recently? Over used all of your usual weapons of mass destruction? Too many miles on the clock of your speed machine? Or maybe you just have too many bullet holes in your favorite suit? Not to worry, because Gangstar Vegas has you covered. Bringing with it new weapons, vehicles, items, and skills - the latest update to Gameloft’s open-world crime game has everything you need to kick-off 2017 in style.

2, 1, 0, liftoff

First up in your 2017 New Year makeover, lets trade in those old wheels. If you used to enjoy cruising around the City of Sin on four wheels, get ready to trim back because the three new vehicles are… leaner.


Kicking things off is the Xuanlong, this two wheeled machine is an incredible way to navigate Vegas. With the face of a dragon-like lion, the roar of this speed-machine’s engine can always get you where you need to be. If two wheels still feels like too many, then you have the option of the WataWokka. Riding inside this single wheel machine is sure to set you apart from the pack because it is as stylish as it is nimble.

Still too many wheels? Do not worry because the final machine, the Angelicus, takes the total down to zero. With this jet-pack you can take to the air and start to spread love throughout the city - perfect preparation for Valentine’s Day.


Another feature of this new update is the inclusion of a Vehicle Health Bar, allowing you to take better care of your new rides. No longer do you have to wait for the flames of the engine to indicate you have to use a Repair Kit - respond as needed.

Plunder Vegas

If you prefer your updates to provide a little more personal style, you are also covered. The ARRRRRRR Suit provides some swashbuckling flavor to Jason “The Kid” Malone’s wardrobe. Pull on your eye patch and tricorn, and get ready to hoist the black flag. You can’t rule Vegas with just a new hat though - so to accompany your new ensemble you also have the Brimstone Shotgun. This weapon spits fire and makes sure that you have the tools to back up your pirate style.


The new weapon Big ‘N’ Silent is for those who prefer to keep their adventures a little more low-key. This versatile yet silent weapon lets you take people out without them ever knowing what hit them. Silent, and deadly - but mostly deadly.

Upgrade your 2017 experience

Another quieter addition for 2017 is the new Superskill. This additional skill set allows you to negate the effect of your weapons overheating - upgrade and enjoy.


There are lots of other additions to improve your overall Gangstar Vegas experience. Gang Leaders now have the ability to demote Co-Leaders if they aren’t pulling their weight. Alongside this is the “Ready to Collect” option, an indicator that makes sure you never forget to pick up your income.

Download Gangstar Vegas - and update 20 - right now on Android and iOS. And remember to follow it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all the latest from the City of Sin.