New competition in Dungeon Hunter 5’s Arena of Fame

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Bounty hunters! Prepare your training montage, sharpen your blade, and step into the arena. Dungeon Hunter 5’s latest update takes competitive combat to the next level in Gameloft’s fantasy loot-crawler. Face-off against other players' characters in tense action packed battles that will push you to your limits.

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Prepare for the Arena

Adding an entirely new challenge to DH5’s multiplayer offerings, this update is going to be a cornerstone for competitive players.


This new mode introduces an entirely new area – the Arena of Fame. A Colosseum like environment, this setting truly lives up to its name. Surrounded by huge statues of heroes, you know a victory here means something.

Stepping into the arena you are met with a list of opponents. Rivals range both in terms of their level and equipment – making some match ups more challenging than others. But, if you take on a stronger opponent you have the opportunity to win even greater rewards.

Fight to the death

Defeating higher level players’ demands that you carefully scout your opponent and select your gear. Then, once in the battle with your opponent’s Bounty Hunter, employ cunning strategies to outwit them.


Each battle is a best of three. Will you find yourself in a tense back-and-forth with your chosen opponent or manage to smash them two-nil? There is a third option of course, but let's not consider that - I am sure you can come out victorious.

Even if you are dominating, your winning streak will be limited by your equipment. Fights see your weapon and armor durability decreasing, losing power and defensive value as they do. This restricts how often you can play with a single loadout and forces you to regularly change things up. Don’t worry though, this damage is only a factor in the Arena - in other modes your gear will work as usual.

The Gameloft Montreal Dev Team unlocks for you all the secrets of the new Arena Mode of Dungeon Hunter 5!

Compete for glory

Victories gain you Ranking Points. Compete to earn these and rise through the leagues to gain greater rewards and notoriety.

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