New dragon and island in DML update 18

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Dragon Mania Legends update 18 just flew in. Bringing with it changes and additions to the Gifting and Clan systems. Oh yes, and there is a new player island.

A new layer of enchantment

If you used to gift resources to other trainers in Dragon Mania Legends, then you may be excited to learn doing so can now earn you a magical dragon.


Now, rather than selecting the resource you send to other trainers, you send a gift. This box could contain Portal Gems, food, gold, or a unique Dragon Parts. Collect enough of these parts, any you can unlock the Enchantress Dragon.

Send lots of these gifts to increase your chances of adding this enchantment to your brood.

Welcome to the Hatchling’s Playpen

We are all kids at heart. Even the greatest Dragon Lord dreams of a place to play. That is exactly what Hatchling’s Playpen offers. Until now, this crèche like island was the domain of the little Chronos – but now all dragons can enjoy the fun!


Best of all, this extra space allows you to have more habitats - 130 to be exact. And more homes for dragons, means more dragons! Perfect.

This increase has also been reflected in the player level, which also now goes up to 130.

Organize your clans

New Clan ranks are the last big addition for Dragon Mania Legends update 18.  Now, rather than having a leader and member, there are Elders, Officers, and a Leader. All of these have a position in the clan to help things run more smoothly for all members – preventing problems for groups whose leader may not be around. This should make thing easier and friendly are for all Clans.

Elders are veteran players. After a long time in the clan, these members gain a status a bit above newcomers – basically placing them in the line of succession.


Officers are the next step up. These members take on some of the roles of the Clan Leader. Helping ease the responsibilities of the top-trainer, Officers can accept, remove, and edit Clan Statuses of Elders and regular Members. They can also activate the Clan Dragon.

Finally, the Leader’s role of Clan management remains the same in all of this. But now they can accept or nominate Officers to help them.

However, perhaps most importantly, Officers can also take over if a leader leaves. In this situation, the highest ranked Officer moves up – allowing the Clan to easily continue.

Get ready for the GREAT EGG HUNT! The brand new update has arrived to Dragon Mania Legends! Explore the fun and toy-filled island, Hatchling's Playpen and prepare for the most egg-citing adventure of the year, starting on April 13th!

And if your Leader is currently absent, don't worry! The current MVP shall be automatically assigned as co-leader if the Leader has been missing for more than two weeks.

And a quick reminder

Just a quick final point for Android players of Dragon Mania Legends. Remember you have to switch your account from Google+ to Gamer ID. We don’t want you to lose all of your hard earned dragons!

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