Meet our adorable Water Dragon plush

Dragon Mania Legends

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Aww! Say hello to the latest addition to the Dragon Mania Legends family. Now available from, this baby Water Dragon plush is cute, soft, and could be yours.


Join the troop

This absolutely adorable Water Dragon plushie has been wanted for a long time. Both the DML team and fans have been eager to see their favorite pet leap from the screen and into their laps.


One of the first dragon’s you encounter in Dragon Mania Legends, all trainers know the baby Water Dragon. Starting out as a water egg, we have all raised one from hatchling to adulthood. We have fed him, sent him to the Dragon Academy for a good education, and helped him to find love in the Breeding Den.

Due to this emotional connection (and the fact he is really cute), seeing him in the fur has been a thrill.


Come get a cuddle

But – even with our anticipation - no one anticipated the result being quite so… huggable.

Charming from horn to tail, these baby Water Dragons stand at 8” tall (that is 15cm). But it’s the detail that really makes this little chap so heart melting.


Just look at those eyes. Huge soulful peepers. They are beautifully expressive, and perfectly remind you of his goofy face in-game. Then there is that tongue. Just lolling from his mouth, it gives real personality to this squishy chap.

Dragon plush love

Made from the highest quality materials, and tested to be safe and durable this is the perfect present for any Dragon fan. Pick one up from Amazon for $24.99.


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