Dragons are becoming (even more) divine

Dragon Mania Legends

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Dragon Mania Legends is becoming divine with its latest update. Things kicked off with a Community Event during August, but now the complete Divine Event is in full swing! Running from September 1st to October 8th, this divine time is stuffed full of smaller events.

During these celebrations you can enjoy a new Divine Element and the island of Mount Dragolympus. These provide you with the ability to unlock Divine habitats, skills, and dragons in your Dragolandia.

A divine community

During the Community Event, Dragon Mania Legend fans had 9 days to breed 15 million hybrid hatchlings. And the dedicated community did indeed hit this huge target - which is just phenomenal! Congratulations to you all.

Over these 9 days, players also had the chance to witness the first part of Dragon Mania Legends' update 21, the Divine Element. Now you too can discover exactly what this new Element brings to Dragolandia.

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A divine time begins

There are going to be a divine series of events taking place to celebrate this update. The first part of this is a Calendar Event, which is to run for the entirety of the celebration. This began on September 1st, and will continue until October 8th.

Hosting all of these events is the Divine Island of Mount Dragolympus - the home of the Dragolandian Gods - which has just appeared on the tycoon map. This is the home of the Dragolympus Rising Graph Event (1st - 10th September), the Mini Fight Events (11th September - 1st October), and a Time-Limited Breeding Event (3rd-8th October)! And let's be honest, it is that last one - when we can breed new dragons - that we are all most excited about.

Tell us your favorite Dragon!

During the celebration, you can also make use of Divine Gacha Tickets. These give you the chance to win parts for Divine Dragons (and a few other cool dragons too). Earn Divine Gacha Tickets from Dragolympus Rising and then the Mini Fight Events.

Face deadly enemies, collect exclusive rewards! Can you reach the top of Dragolympus Dragon Lords?

Grab at divinity

Divine Dragons live in Divine Habitats. Raise these dragons to adulthood and then add them to your squad as you continue your fight against the Vikings and other players in PVP. Use their extremely powerful Divine Skill in combat, to offer a damage and health buff to friendly dragons. Also, by being aligned with the Divine Element, these dragons gain a huge boost to their base attack and health - nothing will stand in your way in either single or multiplayer modes.

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